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Online dancing with UK-Dance

By Dr Hillegonda Rietveld, South Bank University, London. Over the last year, I've started DJing again, thanks to Raya, a collective of DJs who put on gigs in several places,...

UK-D double bill on Purple Radio tonight

I'm playing right now, Placid's up next. http:/​/​​listen.pls

UK-D Font - Music production software

Seems that uk-dance isn't the hive of activity it once was but am hoping that somebody might pick this up.

erm, hello folks......

Thought I'd pop my head back into UK-D after a long absence. Seems smaller, but still has that je ne se quois that makes it interesting.

Re: Silly perhaps, but I'm getting all nostalgic for ukd...

Surname is Stone, but "bgpz" moniker came about via uk-d; IIRC, it was a kind of tongue-in-cheek response to niz's "dknz" handle that emerged, and someone (quite possibly from uk-d) nicknaming me...


...just spent a happy lunch hour reading all the old UK-D front pages on the Internet Archive...halcyon days! Hope everyone that I'm not in touch with on Facebook/​Instagram/​etc is well.

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

it almost pains me to say it but.... fruity loops? it's probably the DAW (digital audio workstation) most like a windows version of garageband - simple for-the-masses interface, easy to get rolling...

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

I have nuendo 6 in my studio but since launching the radio station hardly ever touch it now as the studio is being used for the station most of the time

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

Got to say it's nice turning up to a club with just a usb stick but nothing will ever beat playing vinyl for me.

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

You might want to get him a Lauchpad or Launchpad mini too, quite cheap and loads of buttons to trigger loops on and off.

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

hahah... chips off the old bloc, good to see :) one thing grandad.. laptops are a bit last century its mostly about usb sticks now as pioneer cdj 2000 have rapidly become dj booth "industry...

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

Cheers Si and Papa for the advise, he seems quite happy to jump straight in at the deep end so is going to give Ableton Live a go.

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

Logic isn't available on the PC though. Sony do a similar program called ACID Pro. It's a bit more professional than garage band but should be intuitive and simple enough for him to grasp.

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

just bumped into this and thought of you and armand: how to synthesis a bass line

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

the logical progression from garageband (which is awesome) is "logic" bro. eventually... he needs to be heading towards ableton... which is gradually becoming the studio production & performance "...

Re: Well it was twenty years ago today...

'twas about '98 when I signed up (noob), just off the boat from Dublin. Even on dial-up I don't remember a problem with the interface.

Ceremonica EP

uk-d old boy niz just published an EP on soundcloud .. under his muchisimashita production alias

Re: The music angle

Nice to see UK-D is still a honey pot for crusty-left ideological zealots, after all these years.

It's been two years since my last confession...

Hello UK-D, hope you're fine and dandy. :) Just thought I'd share what I'd been up to recently (otherwise known as spam the shite out of you).

Re: Silly perhaps, but I'm getting all nostalgic for ukd...

Happy New Year all, I miss UK-D too, still catch up with people on Facebook etc, but I miss the bun-fights and the crying and wanking...

Re: Hello all

I think most people stuck around UK-D when it was on the old software as it felt like a pair of comfortable slippers.

Anything good on TV?

I notice from a quick search of the archives that there was at least one "Breaking Bad" fan on Uk-D last year.

Re: best and worst reggae of the noughties

I was just looking on UK-D for first time in ages and saw this thread. I've been living in Jamaica now for two and a half years so well immersed in reggae.

wanking and crying last night!

not only are they called Kunt and the Gang, but they have an album about uk-d's favourite topic!

Re: Is it just me...

john/​/​peanut here, I've checked in now & then, but have spent much of the 'summer' camping in fields and UK-D doesn't work too well on my phone!

Re: Some thoughts on the state of UKD

I've gone "back to basics" by opting for a daily email digest. in which there is a "reply via the web" option.

Re: Some thoughts on the state of UKD

I've gone "back to basics" by opting for a daily email digest. in which there is a "reply via the web" option.

Re: Silly perhaps, but I'm getting all nostalgic for ukd...

Merry Winterval y'all - (btw you should all read this debunking of teh tabloid Winterval stories www.thedisinformed.co.uk I believe UK-D still limps on. This is only my second post in around a year.

UK-Dance Digest 4532 - Fri, 23 Mar 2001 16:00:00 GMT

Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 16:00:00 GMT To: UK-Dance <(Address removed)> Subject: UK-Dance Digest 4532 To unsubscribe from UK-Dance, write to (Address removed) with a message containing...


Hello all. Hope you're all well. It's been so long, that I couldn't even remember my original email address never mind my password.

Re: The end of UK-Dance

ave atque vale UK-D I came across UK-D back when it was a digest-only email list in 1995.

Re: Friday

Heart-warming to see the list flicker and splitter after so long... dub kult <(Address removed)> > Chrome knows my UKD > password. That's handy. Mmm.

Ireland: sep 4th 2010

it'll be our Dublin debut on the 4th Sep. Any UK-dads not doing anything that night are more than welcome to bob their head in... i understand if any UK-D heads are knee deep in nappies :0)

Re: raya

Used to be on UK-D many moons ago, was in to very deep house and I think he and I shared a love of Other Records (steve and sally AMCA's label which had some top stuff from DiY, Jose Padilla,...

Re: Ireland: sep 4th 2010

Hi Suddi, I have just re-surfaced on Uk-D. Why did I leave it so long! I can't help noticing that you are visiting us on the same weekend as the Electric Picnic, one of the better (the best even?)

Two, two, two, two..... two, two...

bat: It is now you're here :) Martin: I never found it easy at all to use, and the thing is that's only good for speed of interaction - which to be honest twitter, fb, blah will always be better at.

Re: quiet!

Can I be Darren Emerson then please? :) I still thank UK-D for introducing me to a lot of friends, great music and 'lively debates' over the years, I'd love to trawl the archive, but then I never...

Re: Simon

Yeah but, UK-D was always fecking disfunctional, it was part of the appeal, the flame wars of the past are legendary, Simon G vs Andy M was like a soap opera, now it's all gone 'professional' and '...

Re: i know you want me

Ha - that'll teach me to open my big mouth! Actually, sounds good (warning - I'm a slow worker). Drop me an email.. :)

Nil by web

luca: Well now we're talking :) Martin Thomas: You probably could, yes :) simon green:

Re: one 2 .. one 2 ... ninety nine

Heres the thing I was wondering (Stephen! :)) - any chance a uk-d app that could run on Android and <sigh> I guess iOS?

Re: Silly perhaps, but I'm getting all nostalgic for ukd...

No, that was me, the other old shuffler on uk-d. Thanks for the link, I might catch the London gig later this month. tg

Re: Music For Airports

Why not consider buying CDs by some of the other thousands of artists on your hard disk?

Re: How did I lose this?!

If Iain hasn't already done it for ya, I have the UK-D CD at home, can rip it.. Cheers, john/​/​peanut

Re: Some thoughts on the state of UKD

Hi Stephen, A suggestion, if I may.. The current UK-Dance landing page <www.uk-dance.org> has useful menu tabs, hot threads and then somewhere down the page, the cutting edge of the current...