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by niki Ramblas and around It is a telling comment on Barcelona's character that one can recommend a single street (or strictly streets) - the Ramblas - as a highlight.

Rio De Janeiro

> > >clubs, bars & eateries bunker 94 (pronounced "Boonquwer whatever-94-is-in-portuguese) is the premier nightclub for underground dj stuff, not sure but i think tuesday was...


list of things to do in singapore: 1. score drugs, just so you can say you did. go to top 10 at orchard towers and ask some of the lovely ladies there to help you out.

Antigua and Guatamala

From: Alice Rooney greetings from guatemala! this is your self-appointed gringo trail correspondent here checking in from antigua, or 'not-guatemala-really´as it is also...

New York

by Andy Pirie for record shops check: http:/​/​www.hyperreal.org/​raves/​nyc/​stores.html this lists most nyc shops my favouites on that list are dance tracks (best house record...

Body & Soul / New York

was lucky enough to be out in New York for the week and catch the Body & Soul reunion so here’s a little blah of the week got there Thursday night, went over to the slightly...


Not sure on Hotels, I just grabbed one off the 'Net at the last minute. There are loads in Madrid at reasonable rates.


i've only lived round here for six months (and have now moved out of the city all together), so i'm no expert, but: according to the cool barometer, the Calls are good- 10 or...


By Hoista! Loads of stuff to do, try The Cave in Shinjuku, also Yellow, also try going out of Tokyo, there are some good clubs in Fukoka as well, and a few tiny ones in...


Ministry Of Sound at Pacha was the best night there but VERY busy, and don't take your girlfriend/​wife/​whatever coz there's loads of sleazy blokes that try it on with anything...

Cape Town

By Justin Slack Money, Money, Money First off if you are coming from the UK you get R10 to the Pound.

Buenos Aires

Lotsa good stuff happening over there (I was there last year), though not for the last few weeks cos of the club fire which has resulted in all the clubs being shut all over...


Getting there: There is a new cheapo airline called Air Berlin (www.airberlin.com) which goes from Stansted for around 20 quid one way. We went with Lufthansa (www.lufthansa.


Messiah: 1. if i could only make one suggestion about travelling in amsterdam, it's this: rent a bike! make it the first thing you do after you check into your hotel.

Amsterdam - 10 things to do

Here's my top ten guide to Amsterdam. Bollocks to aall that house and techno shit, give me wall to wall Pink Floyd and dub reggae.


Where do I start....? OK, in terms of venues keep an eye on The Thekla www.thekla.co.uk Some great long-running nights there, Fruity Antics has a lovely crowd and is deep...


> > anyone can move to bali. it's cheap as fuck to get set up here, > > there are a fair few interesting jobs if you're motivated and creative, > > So how would you go about...


V wrote: > yeah - get down to the Kapelica Gallery - > Kersnikova 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija Well, I'm impressed.


the balinese people are by and large really really religous. if they were christians, they'd go to to church on sundays *and* wednesdays, and not eat fish on fridays, and...

Re: The Black Dog: ✈ Music For Real Airports ✈

Lovely seeing this discussion on airports triggered by samples from The Black Dog album.

Re: cunch of bunts

Travel industry innit. Low margin business. Customers want the world on a stick for 5p or summat.

Criminal Justice Act and other legislation

From: Mike.Holderness >>> does anyone know which specific part of the criminal justice bill >>> actually refers to music and dancing?

Re: The Black Dog: ✈ Music For Real Airports ✈

Perils of travel :) - SJC of course is surfing - not my inexplicable 'parking'. I blame kids terrorising my neighbourhood, plus having to scare a crowd of pushy and threatening neds off from my...


'Punk Rock: Artifice or Authenticity' from Borthhwick, S. and R.Moy (2004) Popular Music Genres: An Introduction (Edinburgh University Press) An overview of the genre ...

Re: Oi Font... A long shot.... but has anyone been to India...

Hi Suddi, I've spent some time in Ankleshwar and Surat, about 100k away - is that like saying 'I've been to Leeds' when someone asks what Manchester's like?

Re: UK-Dance digest 2013/20

<p> The web interface did change the dynamics when it was introduced but I think thats a red (eric?) herring now.</​p> agree.