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Body & Soul / New York

was lucky enough to be out in New York for the week and catch the Body & Soul reunion so here’s a little blah of the week got there Thursday night, went over to the slightly...

Subterfuge Cabaret review

if y'all interested, we had a lil party on sunday and i've reviewed it for you... Tom Baker told us that our last flyer got 'flyer of the month' in some mag or other - DJ or...


by niki Ramblas and around It is a telling comment on Barcelona's character that one can recommend a single street (or strictly streets) - the Ramblas - as a highlight.

Rhythm & Sound with Tikiman

Went to see the legendary Basic Channel boys and Paul St Hilaire (the artist formerly known as Tikiman) in last night.


From Duggo u know u've hit Daddism when... 1 You leave gigs before the encore to 'beat the rush'. 2 You get more excited about having a roast on Sunday than going clubbing.

Reading Festival / 2004

Right, not posted for a while so here's a big fuck off mammoth review for you all! erm, it's not dance related though.