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Radio 1

Those wonderful folk at Radio 1 decided to give us two plays last week... I am going to London to find the DJs who did so they can feel the power of my hugs.

More new mixes

Radio 1 have been good to us so far... despite the last mixes sounding nothing like Hardcore Uproar. These new ones do. I'm wondering if the label could have got the release the other way round??

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Hostage on Radio 1 again

www.bbc.co.uk First tune played by Vic Galloway the other night. Disco meets Dubstep.

Re: The rather scant (I expect) Best Of 2009 thread

Musically it's been a big year for me. There's nothing like seeing a big room go off to your tunes and I've seen my funky and garage gear light up crowds - it's an enormous privilege, I'll treasure...

Getting closer to day time...

After weeks of late night plays, tune in to Radio 1 tomorrow between 6 and 7pm to hear D.O.N.S remix of Hardcore Uproar 2009 on the Floor Fillers show.

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the label happened to mail me this just as I was about to make enquiries... KISSY DROPS HARDCORE UPROAR

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Phil (the bloke at the at the label you know) did tel me but I dint recognise the names... it wasn't Tongy. I'll ask him again and let ya know..

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Mate, AWESOME news!!!!! who played it?? :-)

Reading Festival / 2004

Right, not posted for a while so here's a big fuck off mammoth review for you all! erm, it's not dance related though.

Denney - J.A.K.D EP Preview :)

Disport Records rolls nicely toward its 10th release, Would love to hear what you think to this release and the label in general

Re: Dissertation...

Er, in what way? I've heard house tunes on the radio for about 25 years! There might not have been that many on Radio 1 in the 1980s, but they were still played.

Glastonbury / 2004

Top weekend, and very hard to give the festival a proper review, but here goes. Arrived late afternoon on Thursday, with things already getting underway and a load of people...

Re: Hostage does this weeks Essential Mix

well at least they're flashing, thats something. best of luck for tonight though actually, just heard you being played by Annie Mac, prime time on Radio 1, yet again!


From Duggo u know u've hit Daddism when... 1 You leave gigs before the encore to 'beat the rush'. 2 You get more excited about having a roast on Sunday than going clubbing.

Out Now! Denney - J.A.K.D EP :)

Denney - J.A.K.D EP - Disport Records Out Now .... Hope you like it and all comments and feedback on the soundcloud are very welcome :)

Re: Hardcore Uproar 2009

For those that are arsed ;0 we have quite a big gig coming up in a few weeks... 24th October at the o2 Academy in Da Pool... we're playing with fella old skoolers Dream Frequency.