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PC virus alert

F*cking f*ck!! I got infected by a virus 6 hours ago and it's taken me all day to clear it. The first I knew was Windows XP security centre (or was it?)

Building a PC

Don't buy a ready-made PC as you will pay double the cost of the actual hardware. If you ain't handy with PCs yourself get a mate who is to build you one.

UK-Dance Digest 4532 - Fri, 23 Mar 2001 16:00:00 GMT

Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 16:00:00 GMT To: UK-Dance <(Address removed)> Subject: UK-Dance Digest 4532 To unsubscribe from UK-Dance, write to (Address removed) with a message containing...

Re: new iMac 27"

All these outdated notions that somehow Mac is simply "better" than a PC are bullshit in todays market. 10 years ago, yes...

RE: new iMac 27"

Of you could buy a pc and upgrade all 3, and whilst you are at – add two 32” widescreen monitors and go for a Raid 1 option for data integrity with an onboard raid controller so in the event of...

Re: Sequencers and DJing

5.5, innit :) To be honest, the constant updating drives me mental. I'd still be on Cubase v2 on the Atari, but swapped to Logic on PC because I was trying to work with another guy via email that...

Re: sampling wow - New utility that breaks music down into its components

PC only as well. Muppets. Lord Borthbury

RE: new iMac 27"

Is not much point having a resale value when at the time you come to want to sell it you find that the cpu is old and out dated, the hard drive is small in comparison with others offering 5 times...

Re: new iMac 27"

Of course you can run parallels on a mac but you will pay a premium for that privilege. As for lasting longer don't make me laugh.

Re: definitive proof that mac is cooler than pc

the earlier quip about the nerdy guy liking to upload photos made me think the same thing, its a work of genius I tell ya!

Re: definitive proof that mac is cooler than pc

There's a lot of sexual tension in that room and I'd like to know what 3 activities he actually did and with whom ;) m

Re: definitive proof that mac is cooler than pc

Jeez, what's wrong with parties that consist of loud music & intoxicants. Windows 7 party indeed! I wouldn't know who to invite.

Re: definitive proof that mac is cooler than pc

it has a massive effect on how the audience perceives certain aspects of a promo as fact ;-) - there is onl one man who can be blamed for this style of "fictional film making" : Rick Gervais.

Re: definitive proof that mac is cooler than pc

Ouch - that is painful to watch in a Ricky Gervais sort of a way. Is very hard to tell if it is parody or for real cos I can;'t believe anything so cringe worthy could be done seriously.

Re: definitive proof that mac is cooler than pc

i really don't think it's a parody!

Re: definitive proof that mac is cooler than pc

I'm stunned. Tell me it's a parody, please. Also, what is wrong with camera operators these days? KEEP THE FUCKING CAMERA STILL!

Re: PC virus alert

I bet it was some fucker checking to see if you had info on UFOs. I had one of these last year, horrible business.

Frankfurt show 2010

Crosspost from LD, but thought a few might be interested... a bit of a list of interesting stuff at Frankfurt this year: Feeltune Rhizome - new French company with real-time PC-based sequencer/​...

Re: new iMac 27"

i don't like using windows and i find most pcs boring and ugly. its not like i don't have any experience of pcs - have used the damn things for twenty years, and still have to use one for work....

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

Logic isn't available on the PC though. Sony do a similar program called ACID Pro. It's a bit more professional than garage band but should be intuitive and simple enough for him to grasp.

definitive proof that mac is cooler than pc

how to host a party - windows style

The coolest screensaver in the world...

This is pure code... 64-bloody-k !! PC only.. sorry Macheads. This doesnt have an installer, just a .scr file.

Re: new iMac 27"

how can you do more on a pc only platform than you can on a osx and windows platform that is a mac?

Re: Death of the commercial music industry?

Looks like a reasonable summary. Too expensive for me though - where does everyone get the endless money for endless gadgets?

Re: Need some website help : Justin? (and Suddi)

oh yeah, hiya justin - i was wondering if you could help me with 1 thing on neilon.co.uk - the background image in the header doesn't show in the right place in ie on the pc. it seems to be behind...

Re: Death of the commercial music industry?

where do you want to start? erm.. off the top of me head... i think the joy of iPad falls into 4 (or maybe even 5 or 6 or 7 or 8) "cool" areas.

Re: Death of the commercial music industry?

Oh do give over. Computers blow. PCs are cheap, look a bit random, crash regularly and have compatibility issues but are fine once set up.

Sequencers and DJing

Ok so I was doing something at work today, which made me think - what a load of complete tosh software is for doing music work.

Freeform Drag/Drop organising software?

Ok here's something I've been looking for for some considerable time... I need software to organise various tasks/​lists, but it needs to be a bit freeform.

Re: Mac s/w recommendations?

I'm told that VMWare is a little better although I naively committed to Parallels early on.

Re: new iMac 27"

In terms of hardware there's 'kall differnce between the two platforms; Intel CPU's, storage, memory & displays from the same manufacturing plants.

Re: Can anyone recommend me some free simple video editing software

Aren't you PC? Doesnt windows come with an editor called something like Movie Maker ?

Re: new iMac 27"

That doesn't surprise me, considering you paid what, 3 grand or something for it? You spent that on a PC 5 years ago it would still be running stuff very well indeed, and would sell similarly.

Re: Mac s/w recommendations?

Am I the only one who hasn't had a problem with XP in well over half a decade? And my PC is on 24/​7... seriously, I have never used such a stable OS, and I include OSX in that, because it simply...

Re: Ableton Live Launchpad

T3: I absolutely agree and it's funny you're a fan of it cos very few people know it.

Re: Sequencers and DJing

despite my dirty dance past, im virtually a DJing virgin... only lost my cherry a few weeks back and man did i get the bug... for that one time i only used vinyl but I have a lappy i am gonna get...