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happy new year to you all

Hi dudes and dudettes The New Years eve 2010 mix can be found at:

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Happy New Year in case anybody's out there... Hope you had a good Xmas. i've just uploaded a new podcast - this one's chilled eclectic dubby electronica stylee - an aural Bloody Mary to sooth your...

Happy new year all Am sure I posted this but maybe not. My set from new years eve, the link is: The track listing is also there, comments gratefully appreciated.

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Happy new year from Manchester ;-) Not got thru it all yet but liking this Rebekah... there isnt a track list is there?

cheers rebekah, downloading now... happy new year too, to everyone... on a related note, I am absolutely loving at the moment, especially having discovered this cracking mix on it:...

Happy New Year all, I miss UK-D too, still catch up with people on Facebook etc, but I miss the bun-fights and the crying and wanking...

See The Light (Feat. Siri Svegler) - Shahrokh Sound Of K. Showdown - Kieser Velten Sinkin' Soon - Norah Jones No Memory Of Time - Eva Be (feat Joe Dukie) At Les - Innerzone Orchestra On the Road...

this is me

Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for downloading - not even sure who you are as I'm not au fait (sp?) with people's new names on here!

Delurking to wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year

Lotsa good stuff happening over there (I was there last year), though not for the last few weeks cos of the club fire which has resulted in all the clubs being shut all over...

Hi folks Happy new year and all that... Bit of a round up for you with youtube clips and all:

The Beginning In 1992, the Internet was a very different place. Only a few people outside of universities and research labs had access and there really wasn't much of the web...

Hello everyone. Happy new year to you all. Thought I would pop in and say hello to a few old friends. Am many years older and not much wiser. Kanayo is nearly 16 now (can you believe that?)

Yes, I did, I'm a big fan of Brookers, we gush about his stuff (well apart from that c4 quiz) on sonicsring all the time.

Hi Tone Happy new year. Socialising. I remember that word. I'm still at the stage of counting down the years until a time where we don't need a babysitter for every single outing.

An amazing 303/​808 assault from Germanys Snuff Crew. Live from Berghain on New Years day. JACJ, JACK, JACK, JACK

triology? ..well if you need a system (or 3) you know where to come... oh yeah, happy new year all... Rich

Happy New Year UKD! James Blake is gonna be big and we'll probably all be sick of hearing his name by the end of the year, talented guy though, no doubt.

Happy New Year UKD! James Blake is gonna be big and we'll probably all be sick of hearing his name by the end of the year, talented guy though, no doubt.

Ok so here's a quick scratch together of my favourite bits of 2009. It's been an odd and very busy year - unfortunately less music for me, but some interesting bits here and there.

Hello, goddamit! I'm still here, just very intermittently. Couple things tailed off Ukd for me - one was Simon going, the energy never really recovered after that I don't think.

I've been there. apparently it is closing after the New Year to be turned into flats.

happy new year to you all

Agree with what Mr Meme is saying about tunage being more exciting than it has been for a long time.

Good to see the hangover kicking in! Perhaps uk-dance is resting and digesting. I must admit to posting my favourite 20 millenial albums on Facebook, and not here.

Right, so I have drunken sufficient red wine this evening to get this out of the way: