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Live performing with laptops

...have a contingency plan! last friday i did the usual last minute test on the laptop & oooops - no output.

Pressing vinyl

They're not in the UK, but probably cheaper than any UK place: http:/​/​www.gzvinyl.com They have a cool online quote generator too, and have a massive range of options (vinyl...

Producing jungle and drum 'n' bass

If your break is sounding very light there's a few things you can do. If you MUST keep it sounding "old school" i'd say stick in a bit of a chopped up, but unprocessed original...

Time signatures

Rachel Stevens latest is 12/​8, not 3/​4 or 4/​4. Basically for those who don't know and are interested, the TOP (or first as written above) part of the time signature, is the...

Fun with breaks

all you waveform processor addicts out there... just been playing with breaks and processor... thought id share some of the fun ive been having...

Where to get dubplates done

Simon Haggis: try 65 eden grove, near holloway rd station Bo!ne: I think Simon Haggis already recommended the infamous Music House down Holloway Rd, but if you're in a hurry...

Equipment insurance

i use prudential. very good price... i have a fair bit of kit too. theyre one of the cheapest ive found but i can blag it as 'home use' as it never leaves the premises.


'Punk Rock: Artifice or Authenticity' from Borthhwick, S. and R.Moy (2004) Popular Music Genres: An Introduction (Edinburgh University Press) An overview of the genre ...

Re: uk-telly: tonight at 9 on Beeb 4

It was indeed another compelling music documentary from BBC4, the subject of which was always going to be of interest here.