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From: john/​/​peanut Message: > Vince wrote: > and now on a music-related note for once, does anyone know of any good > (and preferably free) MP3 mixing software, with...

The difference between vinyl and MP3. Haven't we all DJ'd after dropping our trousers and pants :-)

Thought I'd finally get on this to host my mixes, went to upload a 164Mb MP3 and it just sits on "finishing" like a complete twat, really frustrating!

By Dr Hillegonda Rietveld, South Bank University, London. Over the last year, I've started DJing again, thanks to Raya, a collective of DJs who put on gigs in several places,...

Exactly! Good fuck I remember that. He came in to the train carriage that Iain and I were sitting in.

So basically, it's a Mac/​PC App that streams released tracks - there's no 'download' option?

It's not about the sampling rate. It's about the new fad threshold. The minute you cross that threshold, you instantly sound better than the previous format.

Microsoft?!? I have no interest in resurrecting the banalities of a PC/​MAC debate. If I'm a fanbwoy of anything at the moment it's Sony

the first minute is good, then the crazzzy breakdown and rap ruins it for me - sorry Mr Cuban House, for that very reason I'm out (and if you think i'm spending my grandchildren's inheritence on...