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The Picket music venue

The Picket thing took the shine off the evening though. It's incredibly sad to see such a worthy institution (a community music venue that's been in operation for 20 years)...

Liverpool accommodation

one for the UKD scouse posse... Anyone have any rec's for cheap hotels/​B&B's in Da Pool? I am after cheapness over plushness. Just trying to avoid paying a hundred quid or so...

Introducing: The Cipher

"The Cipher are a group of young liverpool artists, writers and musicians who were born out of a young writers workshop which was part of the Writing On The Wall Festival in 2007.

Mello Mello, Liverpool

I'm DJing at Mello Mello, Liverpool on Saturday, playing strictly reggae. I don't know about the door tax, but I'm on 11-12, and it goes on until 6.

Return of the Superheroes of Slam

In celebration of Black History Month, Writing on the Wall, in association with Commonword, is hosting the Liverpool heat of the North West 'Super Heroes of Slam' competition – the quest for the...

Rockers 2 Rockers / 2004

Last night, I went to the best reggae night in Liverpool I've ever attended (Rockers 2 Rockers at The Magnet, with Gregory Isaacs as special guest).

UK-Dance Digest 4533 - Sat, 24 Mar 2001 08:00:00 GMT

Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 08:00:00 GMT To: UK-Dance <(Address removed)> Subject: UK-Dance Digest 4533 To unsubscribe from UK-Dance, write to (Address removed) with a message containing...

Re: Rioting on the Wall

10 top other Writing on the Wall moments of the last 10 years John Cooper Clarke and Attila the Stockbrocker ranting poetry double bill Linton Kwesi Johnson and Kadishah Ibrahim at the Stanley...

Re: UK dancing history

nicely, that's pretty cool bob.. have been watching greg wilsons blog and he's recently done some worthy stuff around "recognition of black culture on uk 70's dance scene" ... kind of thing.

Street and Hip-hop Summer Camp: Sunshine studios Manchester

To all dance lovers out there! Sunshine Dance Studios is one of the UK's largest Dance & Arts Studios with dance studios and dance classes in Manchester City Centre, Bolton, Blackburn, Liverpool,...

Re: Liverpool accommodation

Ahh! yes.. i knew that was Coldplay's studio but forgot.. I took my students down when I was teaching.. was great for them to talk to the engineer about tales of rock n roll excess...

Re: Liverpool accommodation

Haha! No.. it aint them at all.. tho I'd have no quarms in admitting to it if I was commiting such a crime :0)

Re: Liverpool accommodation

it's coldplay init! all fits... that studio hotel pod thingy dr stuart posted up is the home of the first THREE coldplay albums... how could you possibly relax, let alone sleep there?

Re: Liverpool accommodation

You filth monger ;-) Looks like a shower to me because of the heat unit on the wall. Can Suddi check in and confirm for us :-)

Re: Liverpool accommodation

Shower? I thought it was an en-suite urinal.

Re: Liverpool accommodation

Surely you don't pee and pooh in the shower?

Re: Liverpool accommodation

Actually, I should officially credit Simon as being Visual Director of the event. Nice one Simon, thank you very very much for doing it! Lord Borthbury

Re: Liverpool accommodation

That's not quite the line-up, in that Derek's not doing that event. Commemorating the Toxteth riots 30 years on, panel discussions, photographic exhibition, bolshie bingo during the day, night-time...

Re: Liverpool accommodation

Sharing a cab back to Manc would probably be cheaper (~£60?)

Re: Liverpool accommodation

Ooh! looking in to that now.. yes. Will do Lord. ta for tip ;0)

Re: Liverpool accommodation

No.. going to a gig in the city... Prob best if I dont say who.. although it was a freebie ;0)

Re: Liverpool accommodation

Wahey - a room where you don't even have to get out of bed to take a pee!

Re: Liverpool accommodation

..... not if i see you first!

Re: Liverpool accommodation

Anyone have any rec's for cheap hotels/​B&B's in Da Pool? You want a sleeping pod at the Parr Street recording studio/​hotel

Re: Liverpool accommodation

see you there matey in the evening

Re: Liverpool accommodation

you going to writing on the wall? im going to be there on saturday ... for the rebel all dayer (with don letts, bonnie greer and derek hatton)

BeMOBO award

Hello, uk-dance, I need your help. I've been involved in a Liverpool organisation called Writing on the Wall (www.writingonthewall.org.uk) for a while now.

Rags and old iron

It's Dubai Sound City this weekend, x amount of bands acoss x amount of venues, actually run by the same folk that have did Liverpool, Glasgow etc in the past.

The Specials

Ticket to see The Specials in Liverpool tomorrow (Thursday) might going spare. 30 quid and it's yours (and that's below face value!) Lord Borthbury

Free Rock 'n' Roll

The sound of underground Liverpool, from Pete Bentham of the Dinner Ladies defnetmedia.com Flamingo 50, Town Bike, Voo, Asbos, Half Man Half Biscuit, Bexy Sitch & The Creepy Crawlies, The Dead...

Looking for a Dance Class or Dance News ? - Try DanceWeb!

DanceWeb is a Dance Portal and Class /​ Event Directory. Find discount dance shoes to ballet costumes; a salsa class to ballroom lessons.

Re: Street and Hip-hop Summer Camp: Sunshine studios Manchester

This is the address for the Liverpool franchise! get down :) Unit 23, The Matchworks Speke Road, Garston, Liverpool L19 2RF Thanks

Re: Here's a popular post

> Quite. And here is another blatant plug masquerading as a music post -------

Paul Bleasdale

Remember this guy? Was a resident DJ at Cream pretty much from the start until it stopped being a regular thing.

Re: 26 march 2011 // TUC demo <against cuts>

i want being sarcastic.. a genuine question.. fwiw personally, i havent seen bob on any demos... as i dont live in liverpool and bob doesnt seem to report his political "activity" back to ukd (to...

the trip festival 27 - 29 may 2011 // Vaynol, Gwynedd, North Wales

hey good people.. i know a few on here "very nearly" came to the trip festival last year.. but .. for what ever reasons didnt make it .. so after a very successful weekend last year (and a bit of a...

Re: Dissertation on clubbing ... looking for participants in interviews/questionnaires!

Indeed, what is 'clubbing' or 'clubbers' these days? In Liverpool at least, it strikes me that on headcount the 'clubbing' scene is dominated by the dressed up 'funky house' and rnb crowds.

Re: More new mixes

Don't forget the gig in Liverpool on the 24th Oct at the O2, mate Ta, Tom

ghostface killah // UK dates

ghostface killah is playing UK in early november, dates: Sat 5th November – Roundhouse, London (w/​ MF Doom) Sun 6th November – Cardiff University Solos, Cardiff Mon 7th November – HMV...

Re: Street and Hip-hop Summer Camp: Sunshine studios Manchester

Interesting. What studios do you use in Liverpool? Lord Borthbury

Re: Here's a popular post

If you do decide to do it, and if I rate the act, let's talk about Liverpool dates for Writing on the Wall. Talking of which

Re: Here's a popular post

phew ... btw ... what with all those demos you've been attending etc.. you checked out any billy bragg yet? it's getting like the 80's in liverpool :)

Re: Warp's top 10 artists of the year

will be seeing caribou in liverpool next week... woo-yeah! :)

Could think of worse ways to spend a Sunday....

Tirk Records in association with Discovery Sunday Presents: Credit To The Edit Volume 2 Launch Party with Greg Wilson Sunday 22nd November 2009 The Horse & Groom Shoreditch 28 Curtain Rd EC2 2pm-...

Glastonbury / 2004

Top weekend, and very hard to give the festival a proper review, but here goes. Arrived late afternoon on Thursday, with things already getting underway and a load of people...

Re: I've never even heard of the existence...

Except in Liverpool, where the scousers took the p**s out of the human sheep elsewhere in the North of England.

Manchester student and trade union demonstration 29 Jan 2011

Nothing to do with dance music, but thought i'd post up some photographs ;-)

Re: It's alive!

Oi, cheeky. I've had an idea about an urban meets donk meets emo night for a while, but never had the nerve to run it. What venue for the Liverpool gig? Lord Borthbury

Re: It's alive!

ho hum.. nice report :) I'm still going out occasionally.. although, it seems only when i'm working kinda thing. for example, just came back from 5 days in holland (rotterdam, utrecht, amsterdam).....


Time 20 May · 20:00 - 23:30 Location The Picket, 61 Jordan Street (off Jamaica St ), L1 0BW