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Subterfuge Cabaret review

if y'all interested, we had a lil party on sunday and i've reviewed it for you... Tom Baker told us that our last flyer got 'flyer of the month' in some mag or other - DJ or...

Amp Fiddler / 2004

Had the pleasure of going to see Amp Fiddler perform at Fiddlers (oddly enough) in Bristol last night.

Glastonbury / 2004

Top weekend, and very hard to give the festival a proper review, but here goes. Arrived late afternoon on Thursday, with things already getting underway and a load of people...

Reading Festival / 2004

Right, not posted for a while so here's a big fuck off mammoth review for you all! erm, it's not dance related though.

Rockers 2 Rockers / 2004

Last night, I went to the best reggae night in Liverpool I've ever attended (Rockers 2 Rockers at The Magnet, with Gregory Isaacs as special guest).

Shoreditch Carnival / 2004

Loads of environmental stands (as it was part of Car Free day) and stuff for the kids. Nice touch that all the bars were giving out free water and you could use their loos...

The Glade / 2004

It was brilliant. The people were out of this world, so friendly, polite and *human*. We pitched up on Thursday afternoon and camped in the campervan field, so it already had...

Beastie Boys / 2004

...when you have just been to see em, all you wanna do the next day is jump around the place yelling "whatcha whatcha whatcha wan'?!

Orbital / Brixton Academy / 1994

...orbital live at brixton academy. oh my crikey. it was 1994 all over again! only the barechested men had big beer bellies, my best friend was really chuffed when she found...