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Oi Font... A long shot.... but has anyone been to India...

... and visited Gujarat? Specifically the city of Amedabad. I'm off there soon and I'm concerned IM gonna have 2 hours of lovelyness, meeting family for the first time then 2 weeks of naff all to...

Re: Emulator

suppose people are getting fed up with lugging adapters and interconnects around and dealing with the stresses of work space, setting up kit and testing it pre slot etc.

Re: Here's a popular post

rofl.. you what? ... in passing i once wrote mince on the big chill forum and it propah kicked off!!!

one of the most amazing thing ive seen on youtube...

ever wondered what a bullet looks like smashing into a variety of objects/​surface types slowed down by a thousand? nah... me neither but IM bloody glad this guy made this...

Re: music to make you wiggle

sorry to hijack the thread here but i cant find how i start a new thread which is probably why ive not been here much however im here to ask a big favour from someone on here.


are there any poker players left on here?i just got through the first round of the european poker tours free roll qualifyer but the next rounds is whilst im at festingho now do i take the laptop or...

WTF do all these letters mean?

UKD = UK-Dance WTF = what the fuck AFAIK = as far as i know BTW = by the way IYKWIM = if you know what i mean?

Re: Hello

snax snax snax snax snax, im lovin jelly beans just now and just bought a quarter oz of cola cubes today, i was quite disapointed though cause there not the same texture as they were back in the...

Re: Emulator

im sorry.. call me a troll but i just love reading the comments on youtube, one day all internet forums will be like this - AWESOME :)

Re: Need some website help : Justin? (and Suddi)

im equally as shite.. a while ago, i confessed to using Front page on parts of mine cos i hadnt got my head round Dreamweaver... have u thought about just grabbing a template online?

Re: Emulator

.... did you notice he was using a a rane TTM57SL* ?? (a scratch mixer that includes serato)... THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING 'BOUT!!!

Re: raya

not got to yours yet roo :) ... im just listening to number three (armands - which is a kinda hippy downtempo headfuk almost psychedelic) - have listened to mine and bats.

Re: Some thoughts on the state of UKD

what he said... A day rarely goes by where I dont check in.. im 99% lurker these days.. defo plan to post more again some day.

Re: In my inbox just now

Maybe this is what it has been all these years between u 2.. sexual tension Im going to stop now. This image is just wrong.

26 march 2011 // TUC demo <against cuts>

anyone here attending what looks like being the biggest anti gov demo since the poll tax? ... and hopefully our uk tahrir square moment.

hahah... Wikipedia

I thought Wikipedia was modertaed and very promptly too... Ive seen negative/​bitter/​snidey comments before but they are moved as quickly as they are published...

Re: Sequencers and DJing

despite my dirty dance past, im virtually a DJing virgin... only lost my cherry a few weeks back and man did i get the bug... for that one time i only used vinyl but I have a lappy i am gonna get...

Re: Well it was twenty years ago today...

i love to listen to radio 4 too, especially when im in the car and stuck in traffic. ranting at middle class fukwit presenters and their smug guests keeps my road rage control.

Re: quiet!

exactly. er, how big is your ego? you aint kate middleton or george galloway son :)

Re: Emulator

thinking about the above statement, it's slightly misleading imho because .. even if a dj "prefers" to use vinyl with serato... dj's are used to winging it if need be.. and can use what is...

Re: Liverpool accommodation

you going to writing on the wall? im going to be there on saturday ... for the rebel all dayer (with don letts, bonnie greer and derek hatton)

Re: i was 50 on saturday

... is this my first political troll? ... thanks for making me feel at home bob :)

Antigua and Guatamala

From: Alice Rooney greetings from guatemala! this is your self-appointed gringo trail correspondent here checking in from antigua, or 'not-guatemala-really´as it is also...

Re: UK-Dance digest 2013/20

<p> The web interface did change the dynamics when it was introduced but I think thats a red (eric?) herring now.</​p> agree.

Re: Massive track for 2011!! Club Banger

hmm. probably... although.. let's at least try and bag contemporary mainstream music into meaningful historic pigeon holes, as we do sound a lot like sad (old) clueless snob duffers otherwise.

Re: Emulator

as i hinted at ... like it or lump it.. i think we are currently in a "transitional period" wrt dj technology.

Re: Emulator

if you play vinyl (or use serato on vinyl) ... you need to phone the venue to check to make sure they have decks in the dj booth.... and if they do there is a good chance they are stored in a...

Re: Scousey food

sorry.. i dont see where the joke is here? ;0) more to the point, im a bit concerned about how you got holda that pic.

Re: BUY ME NOW! ;-)

thank you!! Im being a dirty spammer on FB too so if you get a double dosage of suddispam today i can only apologies.. :-) i dont do this often but just wanna catch anyone who might be interested...

Re: Hardcore Uproar 2009

i know I agree... Alan was a mega star putting in loadsa hours into this but he couldn't fit it in at the time due to all kinds going on on the Parleyfront...

Re: 26 march 2011 // TUC demo <against cuts>

well at least you made it bob, respect... is that the first demo you've been on? (ie: in living ukd memory?)

Re: [dadaspamage] Dadavistic Orchestra - Dokument .01

you got it... ! ... SO random (and quite funny)... like to think i saved the project by responding clearly and giving you time to hit the deadline and anyhow, there was no way i was sending any...

UK-Dance Digest 4532 - Fri, 23 Mar 2001 16:00:00 GMT

Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 16:00:00 GMT To: UK-Dance <(Address removed)> Subject: UK-Dance Digest 4532 To unsubscribe from UK-Dance, write to (Address removed) with a message containing...

Re: The Black Dog - Krautrock: Return To The Source – DJ Set/Mix

Testing .. testing 1,2... 1,2... I am using Safari on a Mac... As it's the party tomorrow night.. may as well send this as a test... ;-0

Re: Music to make you melt

im already on a mission - anything even remotely connected is to be added to the list. NIce one. any recs along these lines, greatly appreciated.

Re: I've never even heard of the existence...

I've very little self control. I tried to buy the ltd ed Hacienda Adidas trainers but im kinda glad they sold out.. esp. at 400 quid!

Re: UK-Cars

for any of those out there that felt a mild tingle at the thought of this becoming a reality.. more pics here...

Re: Hello

Absolutely NOT.... its just cola cubes gone wrong! Plus i think there smaller now too.

Re: 40 Signs That You've Been Hanging Around Synths and Samplers Too Long

OMG! that's scary ;) im nicking that... gonna copy n paste it to FB i think ;)

Re: K & D

This is classic example of one mans gold another mans shit... i remember my first Jaguar moment totally out of context on a shitey stereo in a car. i had to pull over to see if could find a pen in...

Justin Harris, Timo Garcia.DR005 Preview now on Soundcloud

Yet again Justin Harris returns to Disport Records with ‘Ride’ on DR005. As we say thank you to Ben Dean and Marc Jay for the Funk fuelled ‘Telly Box’ offering on DR004, like a Phoenix out...

Re: Ableton Live Launchpad

It's meant to be the all encompassing controller. Features cursor keys on the unit so you don't have to use the mouse. Sounds ok for playing your own material or a pre-programmed set.

Re: quiet!

i only come on in response to the email i get every so often yes its a shame its gone ive got a few people on facebook and dont do twitter as much as anything else the phenomenon that was rave ,...

Re: quiet!

well some have ... fwiw i dont think the list of uk dance twitter subs is very "representative of the diverse community".. ie: plenty on here dont use twitter.

Re: vegan restaurants

Sorry! Theyre veggie, not vegan tho Buddhist centre does vegan grub. Also one ion Chorlton. again cant remember name of top of head but can get info if u need it... feel free to txt me if it is...

Re: Here's a popular post

>and fwiw i dont arrange events.. im a production manager... stroke ... technical director ... stroke.. >artful dodger freelancer chancer kinda thing.

Re: New old M25 mix

Well in that case, here's another: www.divshare.com 01. Qaurtz "Melt Down" 02. Doug Lazy "Let It Roll" 03. Orbital "Chimes" 04. Kariya "Let Me Love You For Tonight " 05.

Re: Massive track for 2011!! Club Banger

imho it's almost boardering on text book "uk funky house" (ie: the undergound urban teenage genre) erm.. as a reference ... definitive uk funky afaik might be something like ... funky dee "are you...

Re: belfast

thanks for that wife is working out there for a couple of weeks and im going for the weekend any thing museum wise ?or resturants

Re: new thread

Lancaster Unity has this on him - Andrew Gatward (posting as UKPatriot) "“This is our country ... Why dont you just leave OUR country and practice what you believe in freely elsewhere? ...