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No, he wasn't showing off his juggling skills. 'I Get High' was used in a little 5 second snippet for those two bodypopping ned guys who did the cheeky girls dance just before the first ad break on...

I don't think this has been mentioned before on here, which is a travesty but anyway, the man like Alan Hostage is sharing this weeks Essential Mix with Annie Mac live from Edinburgh this week (3am... Last track CD3. Good work Al! iain

Just back from an awesome night at the Espy with Mr Hostage. Not sure if St Kilda knew what hit it... What a DJ and gent. First tune played by Vic Galloway the other night. Disco meets Dubstep.

LOL - "hostage, hostage, hostage" - get in!! Class stuff! cheers, dave

excellent ;0)

'I Get High' on a children's television show?

Fairplay Mr Parley! sounded mental in there, played Cab a few times and it is without a doubt one of the maddest clubs I've ever witnessed. :-) Cheers, Roo

That tune at around 1-hour with the opera choir It's valhalla - you can download it here for nowt: a

H.F.B! ;)

haha - you gotta finish on a happy, inspirational classic eh ;) glad you liked it LB. a

awh cheers Uk-deers ooft. i feel normal again. that was some night. yeah, it was too busy, you couldn't dance. kiiiinda defeats the purpose, was more like a fuckin' heavy metal concert, quite a...

It got a bit bonkers at the end, and then Alan dropped PL, which I clocked straight away, as that drum sound is so instantly recognisable. Quality set, quality end! Lord Borthbury

It's a bit noisy, that's giving me a ruddy headache ;)

the one he started with? thats Valhalla, his own tune I think great set, lovely finish with 'Promised Land' as well, sounds like they were loving it there! well done Alan

Yeah, I've got it bouncing round my house whilst putting the tea on for the nipper. Dad rave! That tune at around 1-hour with the opera choir samples is a monster. Lord Borthbury

having it large, tunnne!!! oi fucking oi !!!

BigUp the Parleyphone. Good work, fella! Some twisted tracks in that set, man.

well at least they're flashing, thats something. best of luck for tonight though actually, just heard you being played by Annie Mac, prime time on Radio 1, yet again!

Awhh cheers guys and girl for the kind words :) yeppp - quite nervous about this one. going to bang it hard and ravey for a hour 4-5 - oooft!

absolutely awesome news... read his post about this on Basefuck a while back... defo be tuning in. Good luck with it lad ;0)

We taught him everything he knows! Erm, not actually, the man is a freak, can program a tune on a laptop faster than I can butter a slice of toast. As for the DJing, lock up your mixers.

Woo! Congratulations! On 28 January 2010 16:28, Steve improper <(Address removed)> wrote:

So fuck Glastonbury, is anyone going to T this year? Me n the Hostage amongst about 20 folk I know are going.

john/​/​peanut here, I've checked in now & then, but have spent much of the 'summer' camping in fields and UK-D doesn't work too well on my phone!

Hiya folks. I think a historical archive is a top idea, but very much agree it would have to be under a pseduonym.

Sorry i know this is just spam but pls grab a copy of this if u like... actually get it even if u dont.. this is not the main commercial radio mix – which isnt as bad iv just made it sound ;0 its...

Right, so I have drunken sufficient red wine this evening to get this out of the way:

i know I agree... Alan was a mega star putting in loadsa hours into this but he couldn't fit it in at the time due to all kinds going on on the Parleyfront...

Welcome back Kirsty and Roo! I think I'm going to the arches tonight for Slick Shoota, Zane Lowe and our very own Hostage. iain

Total banger. Only thing is Jeff Mills wore out the 909 ride cymbal circa 1995ish. And the snare drums aren't fast enough.

Oooh.. harsh! But you may have a point about Underworld though - music for the over 40s, by the over 50s?

Has Hostage been on yet? iain

Yeah, most folk have moved on to FB and twitter. Most folk new and old are on FB and chat/​comment on each others posts from time to time. I think I'm probably the most active twitterer here tho.