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Had a great time and thought I'd share some photos; La Roux - who actually i really enjoyed - great live show. and Disco will be there representing. Anybody else going? tonedef

Top weekend, and very hard to give the festival a proper review, but here goes. Arrived late afternoon on Thursday, with things already getting underway and a load of people...

These are the top threads for each of the first ten years of UK-Dance's history. 1992-1993 Universe's spring rave in Wiltshire: "10 Towering tents of entertainment, 5...

it will be like old times matey ... although I'm bring my own tent this year flashbacks to 2007 ... the rain ... that mini pink tent that leaked

I might have a campervan ticket for sale if anybody knows somebody that is after one.

I tried but failed to get tickets, was on my "things to do when you're 40" list as well. :-(

Mr hostage is DJing. Check how twitter or Instagram for details...

I'm stage managing in Block9! On 4 Jun 2015 10:17, "Tone Def" <(Address removed)> wrote:

... Kanayo & Armand too

nice one Dave, theyre brilliant. pls post pics (if possible) from music events u cover.. great to see music/​festival images of this quality.. usually only ever taken by shaky hand man

a couple from Womad

Devendra Banhart on the West Holts stage, Saturday Candi Staton at The Park Stage, Saturday night - brilliant!

Stomping until 6am on Sunday night to drum n bass and breakcore in some tent at Glastonbury was my dance highlight this year.

yeah me too. didn't realise how bad it was till i went to glastonbury and had that to compare it to. it probably helped that my glastonbury trip involved working, having more civilised camping and...

Shangri-La, Trash City & Arcadia were the golden heart of Glastonbury for me this year.

talking about 20 years ... 5 (north) london clubs that have gone but are not forgotten.

yes. ive always had a soft spot for russell brand (maybe its the west ham supporter thing) and .. from what i know he's always been a bit of a lefty... ie: when he was studying media he made a...

Just wading thru email after being on holiday for a week and read this which is pretty shocking... maybe old news to some of you:

i kinda know laura (from my work) ... and have been watching her career growing and developing over the last few years. as an aside.. she has an amazing manager.

He is DJing at Glastonbury for the first time this year as well !

I saw them at Glastonbury in 1999, the year an illuminated galleon appeared to one side of the stage and sailed through the crowd. They were great then.

Singles: Deadmua5/​Kaskade - I Remember (J Majik & Wickaman remix) Brookes Bros - Last Night (BBK) Albums: Roo's October Mix - hands down, best deep house mix of the year for me.