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Electro Funk

Electro-Funk is undoubtedly the most misunderstood of all UK Dance genres, yet probably the most vital with regards to its overall influence.

Electro for free by Rudy Nicoletti

Electro dance music producer Rudy Nicoletti is giving away some of his stuff for free on his web site: www.rudynicoletti.com

Placid - An Electro Workout

My current favorite electro.. All in one easy download. Mix is here - www.acid-house.net

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

I'm about 27 mins in... I don't know if I have ever heard a tune that uses the distinctive metallic sound you can only get from FM synthesis which sounded this good.. distorted too. brilliant....

Re: Electro for free by Rudy Nicoletti

Electro ?

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

-My current favorite electro.. All in one easy download. wow... this is current? The word Electro is so misused these days I didn't expect electro by it's original definition.

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

cheers, P downloading now. Reckon Electro and Halloween go together.

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

Damn! I was going to start an electro mix but you've set the bar so high I can't possibly compete :-) Will d/​l and enjoy this afternoon, much thanks.

Re: The rather scant (I expect) Best Of 2009 thread

I have posted up my radio show with Part I of my faves of the year. Check it out here: thesvelteone.wordpress.com Albums As I posted on t'other thread: Tortoise - Beacons of Ancestorship: bassy\...

Re: Massive track for 2011!! Club Banger

imho it's almost boardering on text book "uk funky house" (ie: the undergound urban teenage genre) erm.. as a reference ... definitive uk funky afaik might be something like ... funky dee "are you...

Shoreditch Carnival / 2004

Loads of environmental stands (as it was part of Car Free day) and stuff for the kids. Nice touch that all the bars were giving out free water and you could use their loos...

Rough guide to electro

I have prepared the john/​/​peanut rough guide to early 80's Electro/​Hip Hop & Rap, hardly definitive (for that, may I recommend Freddy Fresh's "The Rap Records" available at...

Re: Massive track for 2011!! Club Banger

can i just say ... can imagine both my daughters raving to this tune (18 and 20 ... and they have good and broad taste in music too ... imho) ... and ... i can hear it blazing out of both their...

"Laughing in the Dark" by Rudy Nicoletti

new electro house track to listen to, "Laughing in the Dark" by Rudy Nicoletti, released on DJ Voice vol 8 2009:

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

Cheers. As it was pissing down we didn't really move from the restaurant that we went to on the waterfront (can't remember the name.)

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

Thanks, all. I really hope to be using the therapeutic properties of the Andaman for physio this winter and get the record arm back on track, but need to get it past my employer first. We'll sea...

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

.. & for anyone around Bristol on Tuesday, Placid, myself and a couple of other Purple Radio djs will be playing some tunes at this very bar. 8-12.

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

OUCH! Get better soon dude, that sounds hardcore!

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

Shit dude... hope u get yoursel sorted... sounds heavy.. Get ready to say hello to airport metal detectors... loadsa fun to be had ;0

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

Ferk me, get well soon.

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

Coincidentally, a good friend of mine's having her 40th there, this Saturday... So I'll be there, and so will Mark Williams, seeing as the birthday girl's his missus!

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

shit man, glad you didn't get killed or anything like that... so how much was this kit... six million dollar?

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

Well, I won't be spinning toons for a while... Came off the bike a coupla weeks ago, dislocated an elbow and pulverised the socket.

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

hehe Yeah had a goods ol time there.....bit of a chicago house frenzy down there..... You well ?

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

It won't help that Friday's looking good here with the Futureboogie posse at Dojo and DIY guesting for FruityAntics at The Warehouse - I'm torn. However...

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

Forgot you were both Bristol boys. I am there on Saturday evening. Much on? Though I think i would prefer a pub and boozing etc as opposed to a rave up.

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

Thanks, P. Top notch as always. BTW, good to see you receiving a big big-up in the clubbing section of Bristol & Bath's listings magazine, Venue today.

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

Please do it.. unless you were planning on using most of the same tracks, do it!

Re: Big chill

There was a noticable element of the crowd that came straight from Skins, bad clothes, patter and taste in music, all doing laughing gas.


Um, not sure if I'm grabbing the wrong end of the stick here but Drexciya is nothing to do with Atkins/​Saunderson.

Werk boat party

went to the werk boat party in vauxhall on friday, what a night! one of the best nights out i've had in a long time.

Re: Favourite albums of the 2000s

Number 2: Vampire Weekend “Vampire Weekend” (2008). If The Strokes “This Is It” (2001) sparked off a post-punk revival that lasted throughout the noughties, this album represented a...


Time 20 May · 20:00 - 23:30 Location The Picket, 61 Jordan Street (off Jamaica St ), L1 0BW

Re: Blimey it is quiet around here

2009/​12/​15 D J <(Address removed)> I'll be doing a 'Favourites of 2009' radio show tomorrow night on Purple Radio, but here are some of my favourite albums of the year: Tortoise - Beacons of...

Cape Town

By Justin Slack Money, Money, Money First off if you are coming from the UK you get R10 to the Pound.

T in the Park

Musically the whole thing was a bit meh really, but there were moments of goodness, so here's what I thought... Kings of Leon - Boring

Re: Laptop's Favourites

Some quality disco grooves going on but GeminEye does it for me with its cold 80s electro feel. Daniel Miller would be proud.

Re: Spotify

Odd, I've had real difficulty finding the music I want on it. Everything from Ulrich Schnauss to Coil and a whole host of Post Punk and Electro too.

Online dancing with UK-Dance

By Dr Hillegonda Rietveld, South Bank University, London. Over the last year, I've started DJing again, thanks to Raya, a collective of DJs who put on gigs in several places,...

Re: Massive track for 2011!! Club Banger

Loool, Ok yeah i would agree with that statement! I Like Electro Grime!! Thats a good name for a new new Genre! I think you just created something there!!

Re: Massive track for 2011!! Club Banger

It's not in the slightest bit funky, it's about as House as Will-I-Am and I know you're pretty clued up on Grime so you should know better than to call it that. ;-)

Re: Music to make you melt

i felt unsure about both of them at first but the second goes on to some reall amazing and bizarre sounds doesnt it? The Acid Houser in me was bound to get in to that one! defo never heard it b4.

Re: Hardcore Uproar 2009

For those that are arsed ;0 we have quite a big gig coming up in a few weeks... 24th October at the o2 Academy in Da Pool... we're playing with fella old skoolers Dream Frequency.

Re: Massive track for 2011!! Club Banger

Trance??? U obviously need your hearing tested! This is electro house! Have u not ever heard of artists like DAVID GUETTA?? This is this sort of music! Take a listen to Kiss 100!!

Re: Charanjit Singh, acid house pioneer

Hmm.. I did a search for said Mr. Singh when this first popped up and the first and the only thing that came up was an Indian hockey but since this "fan page" has appeared... even has a download.

Re: Massive track for 2011!! Club Banger

Haha, this has got to be a wind up?! It is Trance, cheesy disgusting commercial Trance dressed up in Electro House clothing.

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