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it's generally thought that the bozak sounds better than the urei. the bozak was the original that the urei was based on.

i use prudential. very good price... i have a fair bit of kit too. theyre one of the cheapest ive found but i can blag it as 'home use' as it never leaves the premises.

Tom Churchill recommends Covers 33: "I've been ordering from them for years, highly recommended - the website may look a bit dated but their service and delivery times are spot...

Dave Parkin: Sennheiser HD-200s are recommended - only 50 quid and sound great for home listening as well as DJ (ab)use.

the easiest music to learn beatmatching with is some very minimal four/​four house. or anything minimal.

I guess this applies to "heavily soiled articles" like beer and coke etc. The most suggested way is luke warm (not hot) soapy water and a very soft cloth and rinse under luke...

You can find a good guide to all the different online record shops at More Music.

Fletcher Munson 1-10KW systems avalable. Martin enclosures with Crest amplification. Technics or Vestax mixers and turntables.

Ok so I was doing something at work today, which made me think - what a load of complete tosh software is for doing music work.

pHile this space deliberately left blank <(Address removed)> said: Oops bit late here... DJing, would be Live if I did it :)

Technics & vinyl for DJing (otherwise it aint DJing ;) Used to use Logic 6 on Mac OS9 and a bunch of analogue & digital hardware but didn't find it productive at all, especially when trying to...

So if you had to split it into "DJing" and "Live", what goes where? Or do you only do full-on live/​dj mashups with all that gear? This could be interesting if everyone keeps adding...

despite my dirty dance past, im virtually a DJing virgin... only lost my cherry a few weeks back and man did i get the bug... for that one time i only used vinyl but I have a lappy i am gonna get...

Mr hostage is DJing. Check how twitter or Instagram for details...

I'm DJing at this.

I'm DJing at Mello Mello, Liverpool on Saturday, playing strictly reggae. I don't know about the door tax, but I'm on 11-12, and it goes on until 6.

I do, I produce using Nuendo 4 and DJ using either technics turntables or dj’s. Shanu

Am quite amused that my inexpert fumbling on Ableton could be viewed as production, but I shall add my bit:

Technics and CDJs, but not DJ'd for a while. Production wise I use Reason and wavelab still.... Video editing I use Adobe Premier Elements....

dont lie you use the argos homemix twin mixer

Damn! If only I had the cash... Hmmm, I'm looking for a really easy to use sequencer, where I can sample all my drum sounds and percussion (say 10-20 seconds max, more would be a bonus!)

its an amazing filter. based on the minimoog cascade, its got the purest resonance i've heard. a mate sold his on ebay recently for £300. i couldnt believe it went for so little.

Yeah, when I was all about my hardware I was desperate for a mutator too. Back in the days before I had filters on ANY gear! ;D iain

DJing Nic - Technics Dave A - Technics Rich - Technics Justin - Technics, CDJ's Smile - Technics, CDJ's Rufus - CDJ's Martin Dust - Technics, Live Iain - Vestax, Serrato Supine - CDJ's, Live dub...

Oooh - nice!! I love the Mutator, still intend to get one some day. Thicker and warmer than any other analog filter I've heard, heavyweight gear.

dj'ing : 2 x technics 1210 mk3 Rane empath mixer occasional final scratch/​serato (strictly for weddings..) production:

for dj'ing i use cdj800s and allan + heath x:one32 plus 1 turntable... gonna get m-torq soon for use with the cdjs

DJing - used to be just Vinyl & Technics only but now have a Torq XPonent and recently tried some CDJs, about 10 years after everyone else :)


DJ: Traktor 3 + midi controller, or 2 x 1210s, depending on the mood. ;pHile

Dj'ing - Preferably CDJ's. My vinyl sounds crap these days and everything I buy is digital

Dj'ing: Technics 1200s/​1210s and (occasionally) CDJ's Justin

i use more of logic 8 than logic 7 because it's that much more intuitive.

Ok, getting there - I've summarised as below, please let me know if I've misrepresented. Who else - Ravi? Parley? Who else DJs and/​or produces? cheers, dave

5.5, innit :) To be honest, the constant updating drives me mental. I'd still be on Cubase v2 on the Atari, but swapped to Logic on PC because I was trying to work with another guy via email that...

Martin Dust <(Address removed)> said:

Martin Dust <(Address removed)> said:

They are all hooked up to the big mixer desk so it is possible to have everything running at the same time and yeah we do jam with everything on.

Digital DJing (once in a year now) - Acid Last time in a club I used 1210s and Serrato tho.

2 X 1210s DM 600 Cubase/​Ableton/​Acid/​Soundforge 6 different controllers Two Studio PCs 3 Laptops 101/​202/​303/​808/​909/​Juno 6/​OB8/​Nord Wave/​Virus TI/​JP-800

V8 is the first version of Logic ive used. Couldnt go near Cubase again... i feel like a traitor after all these years- close to 20!

dub KULT - live (instant remixing, layering, fx, freedom) dub KULT - Logic 8 on OSx (recent version is sooo much better than anything before - not perfect, but getting to be the ultimate fusion of...

By Dr Hillegonda Rietveld, South Bank University, London. Over the last year, I've started DJing again, thanks to Raya, a collective of DJs who put on gigs in several places,...

Here's the gen... Traktor - DJ tool, good for DJing with MP3s so I'm told. Haven't used it myself. Acid - Great for doing full length pre-recorded DJ sets and cut n shuts.

Hi all, I'm heading down to the Chill tomorrow eve, so hit me up if you're going to be there.

This is the future of DJing Lord Borthbury

He is DJing at Glastonbury for the first time this year as well !

speaking of which, here is Tiësto #keepingitreal: /​/​/​ so: do any of us geriatric types actually go raving anymore?

We taught him everything he knows! Erm, not actually, the man is a freak, can program a tune on a laptop faster than I can butter a slice of toast. As for the DJing, lock up your mixers.

You forgot to mention Peripatetic in that sentence! Actually think something is going on.