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Hi all, My name is Tasha and I'm currently a third-year undergraduate at Cambridge University. I'm conducting research for my dissertation, which is focused on the youth clubbing culture.

Hi there, Another person rummaging for some answers in relation to a final year dissertation.

Hi Katey, I was just wondering how your dissertation went in 2010? I'm currently researching for my own dissertation and am in the process of getting together a definitive topic/​question.

Hi Natasha, i just wanted to drop you a message to ask for a bit of help/​direction!

Hi all, To those who are interested, the dissertation is well underway. Although it's been put on hold while I get on with my other uni work and try to find a graduate job, it's shaping up well and...

As ever with ethnographic research, results and conclusions depend upon who you speak to.

Hi Dancing Dad, Yes I have red Malbon's book, it's very interesting and useful - he suggested uk-dance as a good source of participants for such studies!

Hi Lord Borthbury, My degree is Geography, of which I do both physical and human modules but this dissertation is strictly human geog.

Hi Tasha. Out of interest, in what discipline/​degree subject is this research being undertaken? What's your theoretical framework? a short glimpse of wretch 32 on stage last night

sadly, didnt have much opportunity to take photos as i was way too busy, a fantastic event though :)

Hi Paul, Yes, but not that many actually ... @Lord Borthbury, my approach was fairly inductive to ensure that I was privileging the voices of the clubbers, and escapism/​community etc were the kind...

Did you meet anyone knocking out cheap bumbles?

Scratch the surface and delve beneath the paper-thin, but nevertheless wall-to-wall, veneer of corporate dance music exploitation and immerse oneself in the netherworld of damn good music and fine...

also, good work writing the disitation and laying out the research time etc. shame some of the ukd interviews couldn't be included (maybe a way around this might be to publish to ukd - ie: copy and...

<== SNIP===> tru dat the pulse of "clubbing" seems to be totally corporate beige with shocking levels of gentrification, almost everywhere you look. there is still some stuff going on out there......

Ha ha, Turnitin will turn you in for plagiarising your own writing! What has the world come to? Lord Borthbury

Just to let you all know ... I have a working title and abstract now. I can't write it here for plagarism reasons, but if you're interested drop me a line and I'll forward it to you.

Agree with Lord B. Dance music of all flavours OWNS R1 now, at least when I'm listening to it. And it has done for quite some time really. If you don't remember Jeff Young, you don't remember House!

Er, in what way? I've heard house tunes on the radio for about 25 years! There might not have been that many on Radio 1 in the 1980s, but they were still played.

Hi! No I'm not implying that. I'm looking into what house means now and whether it still holds the political/​racial/​sexual connotations from its past.

Katey I'm also curious... I suspect a windup, as someone attempting to tackle the subject of 'authenticity' in any form of music would have to be clearly crazy - and to imply that racial background...

Dear Katey, I'm not London-based, so wouldn't know which clubs were house-music focussed.

£2.80 a pint :-) Contrast that with £4 for a can at Bestival last week, the thieving bastards.

we will look at shambala next year were just back from alchemy a proper festival no security worth a mention. dogs on string ,take your own drink in or £2.80 a pint in the one bar .varied music...

:) He began by being an observer of life, and only later set himself the task of acquiring the means of expressing it. Charles's Baudelaire, 1964.

Oh it did, in many ways. I was particularly impressed with how they geared things towards families and kids. For example turning the big dance tent into a circus during the daytime.

Did Shambala surpass your expectations.

You and me both, only I didn't make it past the close of the RFID tent. Awesome visuals in there.

She feckin loved the music played though!I forgot about that party. I hardly pop in here these days though :(

Can you send it to me as well? Email address is (Address removed) Shanu

In Hillegonda's "This is Our House" and Redhead et al "Rave Off". You''ll be able find them easily. Stuart

Indeed, what is 'clubbing' or 'clubbers' these days? In Liverpool at least, it strikes me that on headcount the 'clubbing' scene is dominated by the dressed up 'funky house' and rnb crowds.

Thanks for your ideas, Lord Borthbury, and I'll check out Melechi and Rietveld's concept of 'disappearance'. My reading list grows again ..! Tasha

Hi Dave, Sorry I must be a complete dunce, I can't seem to find your email whatever I do ... Could you please email me? Thanks :P

I like Antonio Melechi and Hillegonda Rietveld's ideas on 'disappearance' and loss within the acid house dancefloor experience, not dissimilar to Dave's ego-decommissioning.

Yup no probs - fire it over (email address shows when you reply) and I'll have a look... cheers, dave

I'd say the list is bigger than that... sometimes Id go for research. Seriously too. Sometimes I'd go just to meet friends regardless of what the atmosphere was like.

Hi Dave, I too think there's more under the surface. Thanks so much for those insights, especially the idea of ego-decomissioning, a lot of my research has been revolving around that kind of idea...

Hi Natasha, I'm 35 give or take a year, I can never remember. I got a couple ideas on a couple of these things, it's something that's always interested me as well.

A simple problem looking for a complex answer, typical social scientists ;) People go clubbing for one or more of the following; good music, the vibe, get mashed, cop off, etc. No?

I did try and make a survey on surveymonkey but they only allow a certain number of questions unless you pay for a premium account.

-- The archive of UK-Dance postings over the years would -- represent an incredibly in-depth and closely detailed study of dance -- music culture in the UK (not to mention the opinions of its --...

Suggest putting it on then everyone (hah! I mean there may be 10 of us?) can fill in... DJ

Hi everyone, Due to the great feedback from the members of uk-dance, most of whom seem to be over 25, I think I'll be adding another sample group to my study of those over 25.

mmmmmmmm seems i quauilify on all three counts

There's a wealth of experience on here for sure - around seventeen years worth in fact.

Yep it does seem the distinction betwen raving and clubbing is a hard one, but many people I've interviewed so far identify their experiences with both.

Hahahahahahahahahaha, totally forgot about that! :) At Weatherall at the BC, I was looked around at one point and actually thought "this crowd wouldn't look out of place at vintage car show"

haha, as i started to read that I honestly thought you were about to make an actress said to the bishop gag... I remember that comment now :)