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UK-Dance Digest 4527 - Wed, 21 Mar 2001 08:00:00 GMT

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Book list

Useful books giving different `overviews' within the academic study of popular music and DJ culture.

Online dancing with UK-Dance

By Dr Hillegonda Rietveld, South Bank University, London. Over the last year, I've started DJing again, thanks to Raya, a collective of DJs who put on gigs in several places,...

Re: UK-Dance digest 2013/20

<p> The web interface did change the dynamics when it was introduced but I think thats a red (eric?) herring now.</​p> agree.

Tenth birthday historical snapshot

These are the top threads for each of the first ten years of UK-Dance's history. 1992-1993 Universe's spring rave in Wiltshire: "10 Towering tents of entertainment, 5...

Today's current dance music

It's pretty fucking dreadful isn't it? Every tune in the same genre has the same drum kit, synths and builds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UK-Dance? UK-Dance is a community based around dance music culture in the United Kingdom. It operates through a web site with discussions also carried on an e-mail...

Re: Today's current dance music

I've always tried not to be one of those people who only listens to old music but this year it's been a real challenge to find anything current that I like.

Re: UK-Dance digest 2013/20

The web interface did change the dynamics when it was introduced but I think thats a red (eric?) herring now.

Re: Oh font, music help - will trance be my deathknell?

Calvin Harris, dance music for people who don't like dance music. iain

Re: Dissertation on clubbing ... looking for participants in interviews/questionnaires!

Hi Natasha, I'm 35 give or take a year, I can never remember. I got a couple ideas on a couple of these things, it's something that's always interested me as well.

Re: Dissertation on clubbing ... looking for participants in interviews/questionnaires!

As ever with ethnographic research, results and conclusions depend upon who you speak to.

Tenth Birthday History

The Beginning In 1992, the Internet was a very different place. Only a few people outside of universities and research labs had access and there really wasn't much of the web...

Surfacing for a shameless plug

For anybody interested in the pre-house roots of dance music and the pirate radio stations in London that played the music of that era, I contributed to an exhibition opening at the ICA on Tuesday.

Re: Today's current dance music

Hi there, Ref. this: I'm not exactly 'current' anymore but listening to R1's coverage from Ibiza a few weeks ago seemed to be a shitstorm of this EDM stuff - and I agree, it's ghastly.

Re: Today's current dance music

I think there's some amazing music out there, yes it's influenced by the past but that's cool with me especially as a lot of it sounds very early 90's, check out Gilles Peterson on Saturday...

Re: suppose I may as well edit the subject line

Ukd revival. Isn't there a sort of longing for.. well.. one's youth here? Of it being '96 again.

Manchester student and trade union demonstration 29 Jan 2011

Nothing to do with dance music, but thought i'd post up some photographs ;-)

Re: The rather scant (I expect) Best Of 2009 thread

I personally think 2009 has been a belter for dance music. Drum and Bass has been doing big things for me again, it's really ravey, but pushing sounds and ideas that haven't been explored before -...

Re: The Noughties

It's too hard to think about 10 years of music. For myself, Dubstep was the best thing to happen to music this decade.

Guidance for contributors

Here's a few hints specific to UK-Dance that you might find useful, especially if you're new. They aren't formal rules that will get you expelled if you break them, but if you...

Electro Funk

Electro-Funk is undoubtedly the most misunderstood of all UK Dance genres, yet probably the most vital with regards to its overall influence.

A disturbance in the force

end of digest [whozat? -ed]: Well there you have it - if the dance music was occasional, then the fact the historical corium has disintegrated to: Should have no major impact.

Re: uk-telly: tonight at 9 on Beeb 4

It was indeed another compelling music documentary from BBC4, the subject of which was always going to be of interest here.

Re: The end of UK-Dance

ave atque vale UK-D I came across UK-D back when it was a digest-only email list in 1995.

Re: Dissertation...

Hi! No I'm not implying that. I'm looking into what house means now and whether it still holds the political/​racial/​sexual connotations from its past.

Crossing over, gradually

I am sure I won't be the first to have noticed this tune: www.boomkat.com

Re: Massive track for 2011!! Club Banger

Papa has provided you with a micro analysis of specific elements of the track, and I think that Papa's neo-semiotic approach to the task in hand has its merits.


Right, I'm marking coursework today... so why not bring some of this joy to the good people of UK-Dance?

Re: New Renaissance Compilation - Sidetracked

Punk rock. Dance music. Simon Cowell. All the same and can be summed as "anyone can do it". So perhaps a return to elitism and musical genius is called for. Lord Borthbury

Re: This is ace

looks like this place has reached its end id like to thank those ive made contact with over the years and thanks for so much good music as much as anything i feel im now totally removed from...

Re: Mystery of Love

I much prefer it to "Love Can't Turn Around" as I find the Pandy vocals just too cheesy, a bit too Hi-NRG.

Re: Lately I've been listening to..

Most lately (last night, infact) it was Kasabian live at The Garage, Highbury N1


hmmm. ok then, I've got a few minutes. It hits different people differently but this is how it was for me.

Brighton People... (and anyone nearby!)

Go to this! So wish I could go myself too but the last showing I tried to go to was well sold out. An amazing piece of dance music documentation...

Re: iPod touch

So are you going to talk about dance music then? Or join in the conversation in some way more than just spamming us?

Re: Big Chill

I try not to take too much notice of people moaning about how much better things were back in the day.

Re: Death of the commercial music industry?

.... but not cassettes erm: www.telegraph.co.uk Vinyl record sales rising as 'old fashioned albums enjoy a renaissance' Vinyl records and cassette tapes have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, as...

Re: hyper realistic sculpturesd

Speaking of hyperreal, remember this? hyperreal.org

Re: Hardcore Uproar 2009

Good work, fellas! The essence of the original spirit of the dance music revolution. It gonna be great to see a new generation take to this one.

Well it was twenty years ago today...

Stephen Hebditch built a site to stay, It's been going in and out of style, But it's guaranteed to raise a sMile, So may I re-introduce to you, The site you've known for all these years, Stephen...

Re: Reynolds

Well yes, obviously, though a bit "dance music all sounds the same" for my liking ;)

Re: Dissertation on clubbing ... looking for participants in interviews/questionnaires!

Scratch the surface and delve beneath the paper-thin, but nevertheless wall-to-wall, veneer of corporate dance music exploitation and immerse oneself in the netherworld of damn good music and fine...

Re: Silly perhaps, but I'm getting all nostalgic for ukd...

hi all yes steve the one and only is the southern plumber agree with the general sadness at the demise of uk-dance, the last update sounded the death knell hard to belive we had secret santa so...

Re: Berlin on a Sunday night

Quick report from the disco frontline. Just back from Berlin and while I was planning to get some Wax Treatment (the Hard Wax record shop's monthly night) I ended up at the Panorama Bar.

Re: dead

very true its more than probable that my involvement with any dance music now is very rare and in truth thats never been my invlovement here whats gone is the day to day chit chat and the question...

Re: Simon

sad that it has come to this but probably necessary although six months sound a bit to long I to find it hard to put real life simon and internet simon in the same compartment of my mind personally...

Re: Simon

sad that it has come to this but probably necessary although six months sound a bit to long I to find it hard to put real life simon and internet simon in the same compartment of my mind personally...


by niki Ramblas and around It is a telling comment on Barcelona's character that one can recommend a single street (or strictly streets) - the Ramblas - as a highlight.

Re: UK dancing history

> "can you feel the force" as a kind of politico anthem and a song that at the > time was trying to surf the enormous star wars hype around (listen up suddi) Paying attn ;0)