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The Picket music venue

The Picket thing took the shine off the evening though. It's incredibly sad to see such a worthy institution (a community music venue that's been in operation for 20 years)...

Dublin clubbing history

To be honest I'm very suprised to hear people saying it never took off to a huge extenet. It was smaller, later and always over-shadowed by the English scene but it was always...

Electro Funk

Electro-Funk is undoubtedly the most misunderstood of all UK Dance genres, yet probably the most vital with regards to its overall influence.

Northern Soul

The Twisted Wheel club was just a dank dark cellar of a club with long corridors and a low ceiling. I cannot recall all of the dj`s names without reference but the main one was...

Book list

Useful books giving different `overviews' within the academic study of popular music and DJ culture.

Essential mix classics

Weatherall 93 - Second ever essential mix, first time I'd hear the beatless mix of Smokebelch, the fact it was mixed into Spastik was slight bonus.