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The Picket thing took the shine off the evening though. It's incredibly sad to see such a worthy institution (a community music venue that's been in operation for 20 years)...

To be honest I'm very suprised to hear people saying it never took off to a huge extenet. It was smaller, later and always over-shadowed by the English scene but it was always...

Electro-Funk is undoubtedly the most misunderstood of all UK Dance genres, yet probably the most vital with regards to its overall influence.

The Twisted Wheel club was just a dank dark cellar of a club with long corridors and a low ceiling. I cannot recall all of the dj`s names without reference but the main one was...

Useful books giving different `overviews' within the academic study of popular music and DJ culture.

Weatherall 93 - Second ever essential mix, first time I'd hear the beatless mix of Smokebelch, the fact it was mixed into Spastik was slight bonus.