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Where do I start....? OK, in terms of venues keep an eye on The Thekla www.thekla.co.uk Some great long-running nights there, Fruity Antics has a lovely crowd and is deep...

Bristol -centric shameless plug

For anyone in and around Bristol this Sunday myself and UK-Ders Placid & possibly Tyler are playing some tunes under the Purple Radio banner at the Big Chill Bar, Small St, BS1 from 3pm - 12am.

It's alive!

UK-Dancers may be spending less time on the interwebs these days, but the evidence, in Bristol at least, suggests they are spending much more time, energy and money actually getting out and doing...

Playing in Bristol on Friday

Hello everyone. If you're in Bristol on Friday night I am playing at the Crazy Legs party at Thekla.

Playing in Bristol on Friday

Hello everyone. If you're in Bristol on Friday night I am playing at the Crazy Legs party at Thekla.

Re: Dancehall Nice Again - Dub Boy, Bristol

His Lordship? Anyone? Dancehall seems to be in the ascendancy again, at least in Bristol, after it's brush with, ahem, negative stereotyping.

Re: Playing in Bristol on Friday

nice one! Absolutely loving that CL mix vol 1 at the mo! and your latest one with all the wibbly wobbly noises about an hour in!

Re: It's alive!

cool :) also.. news from bristol wrt mobo tour... is... there is a heavy demand for tickets for mobo show... and the venue is expecting 800+ people to attend.

Re: vegan restaurants

anyone know of a traditional barbers near templemead, Bristol? also.. a (cool) clothes shop that sells wet weather gear and rubber boots (maybe timberland or some such) cheers x

Re: Bristol -centric shameless plug

Mark Williams <(Address removed)> said:

Best reggae of this decade so far

The mighty Aba Shanti-I sound system at the Trinity Centre in Bristol on the night of Saturday 6th was, hands down, no contest, the most uplifting, inspirational and just downright heavy-weight...

Re: Playing in Bristol on Friday

great set Paul, I really enjoyed it, much better than the next guy, you can give me grimy dubstep over poncey garage any day... Well I say poncey but maybe that was just his pre-filth warmup?

Re: Playing in Bristol on Friday

No worries, Paul. Thanks for trying - hopefully see you there anyway!

Re: Playing in Bristol on Friday

Sounds fab - good luck with it all - hope to see you soon :)

Re: Playing in Bristol on Friday

Alright vince! I'm thinking of going along to this, reckon it'll be busy? I know there'll be a lot of people about for the festival, although it looks like rain...

Re: Playing in Bristol on Friday

Wow, well done! DJ

Re: Playing in Bristol on Friday

I've tried but no dice, sorry! It's cheap though, £6!

Re: Playing in Bristol on Friday

Thanks for this, Paul. I'm usually at the Thekla on the first Friday of the month for Fruity, but it's perished so it's good to see that Crazy Legs will be kicking-off down there. Any chance of a +1?

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Amp Fiddler / 2004

Had the pleasure of going to see Amp Fiddler perform at Fiddlers (oddly enough) in Bristol last night.

Dancehall Nice Again - Dub Boy, Bristol

Top-notch, contemporary dancehall mix. Tracklist, stream and/​or download 'ere:

Re: It's alive!

Jah Shaka was most excellent in Bristol on Friday night. No vid available yet, but here's a flavour...

Re: Saturday Soul

Nothing's too girly for me, rebekah. As a DJ I've found one sure way to breathe life into a dancefloor and that is to play to the girls.

Re: new iMac 27"

its actually very hard to buy a bristol i heard this story recently liam gallahger was refused for not fitting bristols image jeremy clarkson was also refused for similar reasons james may was...

See No Evil

The best things in life are free (at the point of delivery, anyway) Greg Wilson, Laminate Radio, DJ Nature, Bristol Hi-Fi + 70 plus graffiti crews from around the world and a supportive local...

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

.. & for anyone around Bristol on Tuesday, Placid, myself and a couple of other Purple Radio djs will be playing some tunes at this very bar. 8-12.

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

Forgot you were both Bristol boys. I am there on Saturday evening. Much on? Though I think i would prefer a pub and boozing etc as opposed to a rave up.

Re: uk-telly: tonight at 9 on Beeb 4

It was indeed another compelling music documentary from BBC4, the subject of which was always going to be of interest here.

Electro Funk

Electro-Funk is undoubtedly the most misunderstood of all UK Dance genres, yet probably the most vital with regards to its overall influence.

Re: The rather scant (I expect) Best Of 2009 thread

Singles: Deadmua5/​Kaskade - I Remember (J Majik & Wickaman remix) Brookes Bros - Last Night (BBK) Albums: Roo's October Mix - hands down, best deep house mix of the year for me.

Re: vegan restaurants

Not been to Bristol for a couple of years but there are plenty of independent clothes shops on Queens Rd for blokes. Good stuff as opposed to Mr Bi-Rite etc.

Re: It's alive!

ho hum.. nice report :) I'm still going out occasionally.. although, it seems only when i'm working kinda thing. for example, just came back from 5 days in holland (rotterdam, utrecht, amsterdam).....

Move Down Low VIP out now on Soul Jazz

Yup. I got a release on Soul Jazz records. FUCKING BRILLIANT!!! It's out on Monday but its in the Soul Jazz web shop now.

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

It won't help that Friday's looking good here with the Futureboogie posse at Dojo and DIY guesting for FruityAntics at The Warehouse - I'm torn. However...

Re: Placid - An Electro Workout

Thanks, P. Top notch as always. BTW, good to see you receiving a big big-up in the clubbing section of Bristol & Bath's listings magazine, Venue today.

Re: new iMac 27"

In terms of hardware there's 'kall differnce between the two platforms; Intel CPU's, storage, memory & displays from the same manufacturing plants.

Re: *blinks* Ah. There you all are...

Andy Bgpz said: >Just trying to work out how long ago Cybiza was... 16 years? Oof. We ought to know better by now... ;)

Re: This is ace

That's some corner! I should have said that I was referring to the Bristol Big Chill Bar