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This got leaked but hey ho, let's go. The Black Dog Live In Moscow Tracklist. 01. The Black Dog – Northern Electronic Soul [P.1] 02. The Black Dog – Northern Electronic Soul [P.2] 03.

FACT mix 144: The Black Dog

Morning UK-D - thought I'd swing by with some mixes The Black Dog – DJ Set – WhiteNoise: Dave Clarke 01. The Black Dog – Phil 1 Because Ov Indeed – Soma 02.

To celebrate the relaunch of Dust Science we thought it only fitting to go back through some of the early releases on the label and give them the tBd treatment. Enjoy.

The Black Dog 02. Sometimes 01. Intrusion - Under The Ocean - Echospace [detroit] 02. Intrusion - Static Waves - Echospace [detroit] 03. Louderbach - Autumn - Minus 04.

The Black Dog - New Ambient Mix - Alien Symmetry Tracklist Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent) - Polydor Bitstream - Retreat Pod - Pylon Music The Black Dog - BCN 4 - Dust Science...

Back To The Dog House DJ Mix

Bonus Mix: The Black Dog – Drifting Ambient Mix Tracklisting: 01. Hands Swollen With Grace – Dakota Suite 02. Music for Falling from Trees, Pt. 4 – The Dream – Peter Broderick 03.

following on from my UK acid mix, here's one of my fav UK Techno.. mostly from 89- 91 but with a fe newwer bits.. again could do quite a few volumes to fill some glaring omissions but I only had 2...

The Black Dog 07. X353 Sheffield vs Downwards via Ealing Tracklist: 01. Automotivation 2 – Cabaret Voltaire – Sheffield 02. Birth – Raudive – Ealing 03.

The Black Dog - Dark Days, Grey Nights This is our final ambient mix for the current podcast series – For this one we each selected 3 or 4 long tracks that would never get picked for a mix under...

The Black Dog ✈ Music For Real Airports ✈ PreSale: Listen: Buy: Spread The Word Dogsquad. Martin/​Ken/​Richard tBd

Lovely seeing this discussion on airports triggered by samples from The Black Dog album.

It is indeed, great album, picked it up for 50p at a car boot :)

Spooky innit. Must be from this...

Anyone know anything about this? 1. David Lynch – The Air Is On Fire – Strange World Music what is it? never heard of this.

nice one! Thank you Santa indeed!

We'll be send them out a couple of weeks early I think, we need the studio space back but I do love the smell of fresh print in morning.

No problem, someone leaked the set for us anyway :) m

OMG Thank you Santa!

Aw man, pure dog porn :-) The sight of those shiny CDs is too much, just hurry up and send me mine!!

Martin Dust <(Address removed)> said: Progress report :)

EMA is pretty cool and there's always space upstairs as hardly anyone uses that bar.

I remember hearing a Jamaican rasta performer at a festival in London railing against air travel. "Fire 'pon iron bird" was his line.

Funny, it's difficult not to hang out in the same airports repetitively and not end up finding your own little routines and spaces you think are 'yours'... :) Can't wait for album :) cheers, Dave

Only seen one guy ever get an upgrade but you could tell he was posh by a country mile, he even had "yatching" hair.

Prior to my own honeymoon, I did a bit of research and asking, putting on a suit, saying it's your honeymoon etc doesn't work anymore than if you were to ask for a car 2/​3's more value than what...

All levelled by the £5 Duck Wrap :) Never had one or tried to blag one, I'm happy enough in the back with the cattle, there's no way I'd pay 1.5K for a better seat.

Cheers for the support and kind words Dave, rest assured it's going on rent to allow us to make more music :) We love EMA & BCN as we have our little places we go, even sit in the same seat - how...

Long haul economy is also a great leveller though. Sure one group can go to maccies/​weatherspoons and the other the cavier bar but in that metal tube everyone is as one.

Perils of travel :) - SJC of course is surfing - not my inexplicable 'parking'. I blame kids terrorising my neighbourhood, plus having to scare a crowd of pushy and threatening neds off from my...

I know most of those :)

LOL - that's another part of it especially for airport geeks like me - there's something strangely appealing about 3 letter airport acronyms, they become oddly evocative.

If you sit and watch a lot, you see it often and comments like "How can they drink at this time in the morning".

Thank you very much. I've felt like updating it since 1979 but just didn't know how to really but once we started taking tBd on the road it made perfect sense to do an update as we spend so much...

If the no frills airlines get their way you'll soon be able to fly online without going near an airport.

So true! I've been the drinker, can't recall ever sneering at anyone. <recalls Ryanair flights rammed with stag/​hens> - actually forget I said that!

People only seem to order a Virgin/​Bloody Mary when they are on a flight as well.

Ordered and looking forward to it. I'm quite fond of Eno's ambient stuff, and I think you've got balls naming yours with reference to his.

Doesn't surprise me. I like to see people having a drink at 5am but I also like watching the middle classes sneering at it as well - I guess we spend too much time just waiting!

The only time I drink gin and tonic is either in an airport/​on a flight.

Cheers Suddi, Airports are such a paradox innit.

some gorgeous electronic sounds going on there... look fwd to getting this... and I love this little quote "<snip> it captures the spectrum of emotions stirred by airports.

More ambient than the others but it's very much a dystopian reply to Eno's work in 1978 - have a listen to the samples here:

I got your last album, and enjoyed it. What's this one like? Lord Borthbury

The Black Dog are playing down south on Saturday and I'm flying out to China just hours earlier. Gutted. All the best M, I'll be there in spirit.

testing, testing, 123

LOL! That bit at 1.45 where you do the ha-ha-ha-ha bit is fucking hilarious Sudz! iain

seems to work for me on safari 4.0.3

Testing .. testing 1,2... 1,2... I am using Safari on a Mac... As it's the party tomorrow night.. may as well send this as a test... ;-0