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Getting there: There is a new cheapo airline called Air Berlin ( which goes from Stansted for around 20 quid one way. We went with Lufthansa (www.lufthansa.

i have and extra 36 hours in germany on a sunday night and have the choices of reeperbahn or berlin to party, which should i go to? Is Berghain worth going to on sunday?

Anyone point me towards anything decent happening on a Sunday night in Berlin - I'm out there working again soon and have a free evening.

Another September, another Sunday night mission in Berlin. Again headed for the party that never stops at Pano Bar - resident Cassy was advertised and being at the more housey end of the people...

Dave, I've just found another of her mixes, from the closing of Bar 25 in Berlin this year Have fun Tom

Quick report from the disco frontline. Just back from Berlin and while I was planning to get some Wax Treatment (the Hard Wax record shop's monthly night) I ended up at the Panorama Bar.

where to go clubbing in Berlin on Sunday? berghain? where else is good?

awe im not going to be there till november 18-19th, should i just check that link when its closer to my departure?

Gee. that is a dream line up. Fuck Monday off dave :-)

Oh yes, look at the lineup Wonderful Tom

down in Kreuzberg, but i expect you knew that

Which Tresor? The old club has closed and is no longer there! The new one isn’t a patch on the old one, I had previously played at Globus @ Tresor – wicked venue! Shanu

>> Had plans to visit Tresor for some party on Monday

<stalk>ps she is playing in Leeds on the 19th</​stalk>

I've found another mix from my girlfriend Margaret - not really techno - but i like it

Suitable for getting some work done without being too distracted by it. I'm sure Margaret will be delighted to hear that ;)

Papa Bendy I'm with you - doesn't really do it for me. Individual tracks are ok (particularly that slightly more up one shortly after 34:30, that's tasty!)

The stoner me of 10 years ago would have loved that, as it stands struggled through the bulk of it.

of course i'm talking bollocks - it's banging

Cheers Tom - a bit more housey than she played on Sunday - but yeah still all good - mannnnnnnnnnnnnn !

German based DJ with three releases on Beatport, such a rarity these days :)

Great report of a random clubbing experience, DiscoDave. I 'kin love those randoms and treasure them when they appear out of nowhere.

No worries fella and thanks for the link. I think I might be in love with Ms Dygas ;-)

Sorry mate. I completely for got to get back to you. Report was aces. Glad you had a goodun. Margaret Dygas did a LWE podcast a while back which is still available......

Sunday 26th of September - and yeah Harvey would have been good :-)

Harvey was my fave DJ for a while after he came to play in Manchester a few times at the Chair... he was bloody amazing. Only other person who came close was FK.

I'll speak to my scouts on the ground. Do you have a specific date? Harvey is playing in Europe for the first time in abouyt 8 yrs at the mo (apart from the UK).

Morning UK-D - thought I'd swing by with some mixes The Black Dog – DJ Set – WhiteNoise: Dave Clarke 01. The Black Dog – Phil 1 Because Ov Indeed – Soma 02.

I was on the press list for Saturday's Warehouse Project - here are a couple of photos:

Ah ok so the remit is tracks of the same style and quality as M4. When someone makes another one, I'll let you know! :)


They're not in the UK, but probably cheaper than any UK place: http:/​/​ They have a cool online quote generator too, and have a massive range of options (vinyl...