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what do people think of the name "the freefall" for a band name for the down tempo stuff with the vocalist, that i've been working on?

I could rant at length about the importance of the presence or absence of the definitive article in band names. It troubled me for months when The Prodigy became Prodigy overnight. mmm, good suggestion from band name maker - 7th down

I'd avoid the whole "The ____" template, it screams Landfill Indie. Band names a few years ago were all quite proggy (Muse, Keane, Coldplay) then they went a bit punky (aforesaid "The ____" or "The...

yeah, your right. but the band makes the name - iykwim. like the beatles is a really silly band name

No. Nor 'The Freefall'. I haven't got any good suggestions, sorry to say. Realm of Dusk Sack of Hens Shower of Shit

I vote for "Bunch of Cunts" - believe that satify's Knitters criteria. hur hur hur

"The Artist formally Known as Dub Kult"

How about  '♪♫♪♫' ?

ok, good point!

NO! Please, not you Dub.. dont do it.... "Spears Of Destiny" "Flock Of Seagulls" "Sisters Of Mercy"- need i say more ;-0

So if Ireland votes no this time, there won't be a UK referendum at all you think, even if the Tories get in?

I always wanted to have a band called Parma Violets but I suspect there may have been legal issues surrounding that.

If I had a band, we would be called Skeleton Keys or Squalene 80 or Viper Piss

Vote no, so the UK doesn't have to. We'll thank you for it! The Irish referendum on this is a joke. Ireland already had a referendum on this! 12 June 2008! 53.4% voted no! The people have spoken!

i'd suggest that besides trying hard to be original with the name that you try go with something that really really means something to you - that you can believe in - it's an identity you need to...

Too close to Arse if you ask me. I like the punchy single-word names best. Doves, Battles, Radiohead, Autechre, Pivot, Moloko etc.

how about "Are Falling"?

postpunky = reminiscent of the period just after punk, late 70s to early 80s, artistically much more interesting and not so confined by "back to basics" rock'n'roll fundamentalism

what's postpunky? how about the template "____ of ____"? this bloody naming malarky!

the Beatles could have been called ANYTHING. Absolutely anything: The Shite, the Bland, The Dullness, The We-hope-you-buy-our-music - they still would have been the Greatest bands in the history of...

that was Al McKenzies projects after D:Ream wasnt it? genius name, I always thought

There are hundreds of bands with the same... I was surprised how many bands had the same name as my main project

To me, The Freefall descrribes the purloining of recorded works by The Fall.

But the issue of the past participent remains, does it not?

good point

I agree - I think it's the 'the'. As in, The Teardrop Explodes, The Fall, The The (ok that's a bad example). Having said that, I quite like "The Freefall" as a name.

2009/​9/​17 Lord Borthbury <(Address removed)> :D

Of course it does!. Just ask The Beatles, or The The. Although there are the occasional confusions as to whether the band's name has the definitive article or not (e.g. Sex Pistols).

how's about 3-4-all? ;) Names are a mare," kitsch-in-sync" still gets me though...

Personally, I think that The Freefall sound like an indie band. The name doesn't bring to mind down tempo stuff. Lord Borthbury

Does the positive article really make a difference? Would you think Editors (puke) and The Editors are two different bands? Or Feeling and The Feeling? (puke again).

any called "THE freefall" though? and the music from the other freefall's is pretty different. how much of an issue is it?

There's already at least three: Plus a bunch like the Freefall

yeah, remember that.. Middletons first choice of new band name made me piss myself. Edji Knights..