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Um, not sure if I'm grabbing the wrong end of the stick here but Drexciya is nothing to do with Atkins/​Saunderson.

Re: band name



'Punk Rock: Artifice or Authenticity' from Borthhwick, S. and R.Moy (2004) Popular Music Genres: An Introduction (Edinburgh University Press) An overview of the genre ...

Warp's top 10 artists of the year


[dustv017] In The North EP - Various Artists

Click Here Innit

Re: Spotify

Spotify, and all other legal digital streaming or download services, rely on the correct owning label uploading the audio and detailed label copy info to Spotify for the music to be available. for...

Re: Warp's top 10 artists of the year

Well here's my artist of the year: soundcloud.com Roo, get on this!! DJ

[DS93 003] Scanner - Conversations With The Dead

Scanner - British artist Robin Rimbaud traverses the experimental terrain between sound, space, image and form, creating absorbing, multi-layered sound pieces that twist technology in...

Re: Death of the commercial music industry?

not sure what you mean here... assume it isnt referring to some kind of fantasy gravy train ... as for the massive majority of artists live show revenues are difficlut to come by and take a lot of...

Re: Joy Orbison

Another artist I've been ignoring is Maya Jane Coles, got her Essential Mix and latest Mixmag effort to listen to later but this is amazing.

Re: Reynolds

ps. the retro-chic of current bands is only an outgrowth of the fact that everyone is listening to artists from yesteryear, probably much more than they're listening to the modern retreads of said...

Disport Records Podcast

Disport Records are set to start a monthly Podcast. A guest mix from artists in the Disport Records release schedule but also containing an additional feature called 'The Residental Area'.

The die-hard fans of the pop icon Janet Jackson were impatiently waiting for

The die-hard fans of the pop icon Janet Jackson were impatiently waiting for the announcement of her latest world tour dates and now their wait is over.

Re: Warp's top 10 artists of the year

will be seeing caribou in liverpool next week... woo-yeah! :)

first festival of the year

as the title says we went to our first festival of the year this weekend highlight was seeing banco de gaia live absolutley stunning anyone got any reccomendations for similar artists ?

Goodbye vinyl... :( Hello 40 :(

So, its finally happened. The ultimatum for my vinyl collection has finally come.

Re: [dustv017] In The North EP - Various Artists

Job's a good 'un.

Re: [dustv017] In The North EP - Various Artists

Free Downloads of the EP here peoples: www.dustscience.com Happy Monday :) m

Re: [dustv017] In The North EP - Various Artists

hahah! ace! would never have spotted that but dont you like what i thought it was ;-0 u can now pretend it was meant to have the double meanings ;0

Re: [dustv017] In The North EP - Various Artists

Turn it 90 degrees clockwise, there's the DJ, The Deck and The Needle :) m

Re: [dustv017] In The North EP - Various Artists

go on.. i give in.. curiosities killing me ;-)

Re: [dustv017] In The North EP - Various Artists

No mate, not even close :) m

Re: [dustv017] In The North EP - Various Artists

www.dustscience.com ahh, is it a skyline? with an anvil underneath implying Sheffield?

Re: [dustv017] In The North EP - Various Artists

Hehehe It is, but there's also something else coding into it, it's not that easy to spot but it's there :) m

Re: [dustv017] In The North EP - Various Artists

I could hear Rolf Harris's voice as you asked that ;-) isnt it the word Dust? written in a super cool way ;0 I saw something Greg Wilson remixed ages ago that had a similar thing with the type...

Re: [dustv017] In The North EP - Various Artists

Cheers Suddi, aye Paul 777 is in the mix now. Thanks for the kind comments on the logo, really glad you like it - have you sussed out what it is yet tho? m

Re: [dustv017] In The North EP - Various Artists

EXCELLENT WORK! like your whole approach to the freebie thing... nice one/​ Notice the inclusion of another UKDancer there too. i only noticed your logo pretty recently.. its shit hot... sorry if...

Re: Covering versions

-> so the so called artist is basically just the brand and the singer - everything -> else is done by other people. course...

Boshell&Cody – Speakerhook – Omnis recordings / Out Now !

Artist: Boshell & Cody Title: Speaker Hook. Mixes: Original, Astronivo & The Aural Asylum. Label : Omnis Recordings

Justin on post-apartheid clubbing at the Funktion club in Cape Town

In 1995 a club opened in Cape Town called the Funktion. It was a year after the first democratic elections and apartheid laws that had determined where people could live, who...

Re: favourite youtube finds

In 1995 a club opened in Cape Town called the Funktion. It was a year after the first democratic elections and apartheid laws that had determined where people could live, who they could associate...

Rhythm & Sound with Tikiman

Went to see the legendary Basic Channel boys and Paul St Hilaire (the artist formerly known as Tikiman) in last night.

Northern Soul

The Twisted Wheel club was just a dank dark cellar of a club with long corridors and a low ceiling. I cannot recall all of the dj`s names without reference but the main one was...

Guidance for contributors

Here's a few hints specific to UK-Dance that you might find useful, especially if you're new. They aren't formal rules that will get you expelled if you break them, but if you...

Little bit of politics

Thought this may be of interest, seeing as having a functioning economy affects us all. It's a prediction of how the next phase of "the artist formally known as credit crisis' may play out.

Re: festingho

2009/​9/​7 steve the oneandonly <(Address removed)> Twas lovely to see you, albeit briefly. And glad to hear you had a good time - everyone I spoke to said they were having the best weekend ever!


by niki Ramblas and around It is a telling comment on Barcelona's character that one can recommend a single street (or strictly streets) - the Ramblas - as a highlight.

Re: Emulator

currently dotting the i's and crossing the t's for an artist tech rider.... that is asking for a rane TTM57SL (a scratch mixer that includes serato) ... fast emerging as "industry standard" as far...

Disport Records On Youtube

Disport Records is 1 on 11th January!!.... so to Mark the Occassion we've set up our own youtube channel to help bring you more tracks for year 2 and beyond.

Start the end of year bonanza HERE

Been a great year for music, best for a good while imo Not sure how much of this you can hear through Spotify, but have a go: 20 + 10 for twenty-ten open.spotify.com Artist of the year: SBTRKT...

Covering versions

dub kult - the original's not as good to me... Just listening to TB's version. Still beautiful.

Re: Section 25

That's Bethany Cassidy, artist and daughter of the late Larry Cassidy (Section 25's original vocalist, who died last year) and the late Jenny Cassidy (Larry's wife and also a Section 25 vocalist,...

Re: Reynolds

Personally, I'd make a distinction between purely nostalgic affairs and artists of whatever age who work in established genres and who, whilst they might not be pushing at the envelope, are...

Re: The Noughties

It's too hard to think about 10 years of music. For myself, Dubstep was the best thing to happen to music this decade.

Re: The coolest screensaver in the world...

Mmmm, interesting! Out of curiosity, should the message be determined by the artist (i.e. everyone sees/​hears the same message), or by the audience (everyone sees/​hears whatever they see/​hear)?

Re: Emulator

as i hinted at ... like it or lump it.. i think we are currently in a "transitional period" wrt dj technology.

Re: Favourite albums of the 2000s

Number 4: Buju Banton "Friends for Life" (2003) He began the decade basking in the glory of his conversion to Rastafarianism.

The Black Dog - Podcasts

The Black Dog 02. Sometimes 01. Intrusion - Under The Ocean - Echospace [detroit] 02. Intrusion - Static Waves - Echospace [detroit] 03. Louderbach - Autumn - Minus 04.

Re: Lone - Ecstasy & Friends

Yeah, me likey! will check some more of that. I thought that, on listening to his first album I dismissed him as sounding like dull Trip Hop but after persevering for a while I got more and more...

Re: New Renaissance Compilation - Sidetracked

Cheers for the replies, I've been reliably informed that both Ben & Ellie had a hand in the track selection.