Rio De Janeiro

> > >clubs, bars & eateries

bunker 94 (pronounced "Boonquwer whatever-94-is-in-portuguese) is the
premier nightclub for underground dj stuff, not sure but i think tuesday
was d&b night, i saw both marky and pacife spinning there. it's sorta
back a few blocks between copacabana and ipenema. also there's this
really cool little neighborhood where all the hippies hang out (no, it's
good really!) called lapa at the bottom of st theresa, look for the
romanesque waterduct-thing and start from there, at the bottom of the
hill are 3-4 varied nightclubs with music ranging from traditional
pre-bossanova stuff to brazilian live rap. you can walk up the hill
from there, just above these clubs is a little courtyard where college
kids hang out playing guitar, drinking cheap honey shots in plastic
pods, talking politics, staging anti-establishment plays and making out
with each other. as for the hippy factor hippies seem to be the
middle-class educated bohemians of brazil which means many of them speak
english, have a left-of-center outlook and wont try to take advantage of
you. anyway above there there are lots of little acousticy nightclubs,
which in rio is a good thing.

> > > tips on how not to
> > > get robbed, etc, when we are out in that part of the
> > > world?

i had a couple of friends have stuff (purse, video camera) get snatched
during carnival, so mostly be careful about holding on to your
valuables. also you might want to avoid getting shitty drunk and
wandering down some dark alley at 4 in the morning. also you might just
skip carnival in rio entirely, it's mostly for tourists anyway, all the
locals skip town and party somewhere else now. bahia is supposed to be
the best town for carnival but i had a great time in ouro preto, about 8
hours inland from rio. it's this now college town that was pretty much
entirely built in the 1800's, not a modern building in sight, so it's
like samba college party in a really beautiful medival setting.
probably not as full on as bahia would be though.

> So far the
> > > only information I have is from travel guides and
> > > watching 'City of
> > > God'.

random tips:

1. if you're single and meet a girl you like, try to kiss here within
the first 2 minutes of meeting her. for brazilians making out is just a
form of light flirting, if you dont get your tongue in her (or his)
mouth damn quick she'll assume you must not like her much. no, really!
and carnival is like this big excuse to flirt with everyone!

2. the easiest way i know of rapidly scoring some lovely cheap
brazilian coke is much like scoring e's in singapore - go to HELP
nightclub in copacobana, and ask one of the lovely ladies to help you
out. you may be required to pay for her company for the night, or maybe
just work out a deal where she finds it and you give her some?

3. chirascoria's (sp?) - if you are a carnivore these places rock, you
choose which cuts of meat you want frooom a wide selection, and pay by
the kilo for a fresh cut right off the grill, yum!


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> > >clubs, bars & eateries bunker 94 (pronounced "Boonquwer whatever-94-is-in-portuguese) is the premier nightclub for underground dj stuff, not sure but i think tuesday was...