Re: Dissertation...

Hi Katey,

I was just wondering how your dissertation went in 2010? I'm currently researching for my own dissertation and am in the process of getting together a definitive topic/question.

I know you probably haven't been active on this website for a while but i was hoping you'd also receive an email with this response.

I was just wondering if you perhaps had any recommended reading that came useful for you in your dissertation, or perhaps any extracts from your actual piece!

I'm currently looking into the spiritual state of house music, the higher power it seems to connect to and how the initial essence of that state (so prominent and clear in the 90's with expressions of freedom, liberation and spiritual elevation) has either seemingly been lost in modern day chart house music, or if it is reflective of a more spiritual society?

Anyway i hope you your dissertation went well back in 2010, i'd really, really appreciate any sort of reply or help so thank you in advance!

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Thanks again!


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