Paul Bleasdale

Remember this guy? Was a resident DJ at Cream pretty much from the start until it stopped being a regular thing.

For the past three years or so, various Liverpool FC fan forums have been trolled by an anonymous character. This guy was persistent; he kept getting banned for being horribly offensive to all and sundry, then re-registering under a new alias and the whole process began again. I couldn't even begin to guess how many usernames he's gone through, but it's more than a dozen. By and large people knew him as "Momo", his most enduring alias that lasted some months before being banned (after the former Reds' midfielder Momo Sissoko). About the only other thing anyone knew about him was that he had (or claimed to have) a liver problem.

Yesterday a new blog appeared, claiming to have evidence of "Momo"'s real identity and threatening to expose him once and for all

To cut a long story short, "Momo", under his current alias "Silicone Soul", has come clean and admitted who he is. Blow me, if it isn't Paul Bleasdale, former Cream DJ and now-legendary Internet bogeyman.