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UK-D Font - Music production software

Seems that uk-dance isn't the hive of activity it once was but am hoping that somebody might pick this up.

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Heart-warming to see the list flicker and splitter after so long... dub kult <(Address removed)> > Chrome knows my UKD > password. That's handy. Mmm.

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UK-Dance digest 2013/29

speaking of which, here is Tiësto #keepingitreal: twitter.com /​/​/​ so: do any of us geriatric types actually go raving anymore?

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Re: It's...............

Anyone got any Spanish Kazoo Hardcore? cheers, john/​/​peanut

R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles

R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles


Italian and english producer /​ dj Rudy Nicoletti debuts his new tech house single "In the Music" today, through Out of System Records, distributed by AWAL, house of many big names like Moby, Pet...

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

Got to say it's nice turning up to a club with just a usb stick but nothing will ever beat playing vinyl for me.

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

You might want to get him a Lauchpad or Launchpad mini too, quite cheap and loads of buttons to trigger loops on and off.

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

hahah... chips off the old bloc, good to see :) one thing grandad.. laptops are a bit last century its mostly about usb sticks now as pioneer cdj 2000 have rapidly become dj booth "industry...

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

Cheers Si and Papa for the advise, he seems quite happy to jump straight in at the deep end so is going to give Ableton Live a go.

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

Logic isn't available on the PC though. Sony do a similar program called ACID Pro. It's a bit more professional than garage band but should be intuitive and simple enough for him to grasp.

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

just bumped into this and thought of you and armand: how to synthesis a bass line

Re: UK-D Font - Music production software

the logical progression from garageband (which is awesome) is "logic" bro. eventually... he needs to be heading towards ableton... which is gradually becoming the studio production & performance "...

UK-D Font - Music production software

Seems that uk-dance isn't the hive of activity it once was but am hoping that somebody might pick this up.

Re: Trance is Shite

Hi Tone Happy new year. Socialising. I remember that word. I'm still at the stage of counting down the years until a time where we don't need a babysitter for every single outing.

Re: Hello

Hi Iain Yeah I think the only nights where you don't feel like an old man are the old school nights. There are plenty of old fogies at those, though they have a surprising number of youngsters too.

Re: Hello

Hi John, Good to see you here. I hear you brother. I only went clubbing twice last year, both times to dnb nights that were dreadful and I left early.

Trance is Shite

Hello everyone. Happy new year to you all. Thought I would pop in and say hello to a few old friends. Am many years older and not much wiser. Kanayo is nearly 16 now (can you believe that?)


Hello all. Hope you're all well. It's been so long, that I couldn't even remember my original email address never mind my password.

Re: It's...............

Hello stranger, how's tricks? still doing Whistle Bump?

the svelte favourites of 2013 -

Hi y'all, If you fancy knowing what I liked this year, pop over here to download the full show. thesvelteone.wordpress.com Tracklisting (aka spoilers): Jon Hopkins – Immunity from Immunity...

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